Check-in and Housing Forms

Check-in Information

Step 1

Prior to arriving on campus, you will need to log in to RMS to check your Room Assignment. At the check-in desk, you will be issued room keys, a mailing address, and other pertinent information.

Step 2

In order to prepare yourself for moving on-campus, the Office of Residential Life and Housing has put together a brief list of items you should bring to campus before moving into the residence halls. Please print out the Excel Sheet below and add or delete items depending on how many items you think you need for living on-campus. This list may not entail all the items you should bring to college but it is guide to get you started in the right direction.

The Office of Residential Life and Housing has collaborated with the following University Partners in order to assist you in finding what you need for your residence halls. Please feel free to use the links below in order to get the items you need.

Please remember that the residence halls at Nova Southeastern University have extra long twin beds and it is important to purchase the correct sheet size that fit our beds.

Step 3

The check-in process includes completion of a room assessment form. Your Resident Assistant will review the condition of your room prior to your arrival. It is your responsibility to review the room assessment form when presented to you by your Resident Assistant. If there are any corrections prior to completion of the room assessment form, you need to contact your RA within 24 hours of your check-in date. When you check-out of your room, the room assessment form will be used to assess the condition of your room once again.

If the condition of your room has changed during your stay, you will be assessed for the repair or replacement of items which may have been damaged or are missing from the room. Once again, it is very important to review the condition of your room carefully upon your arrival. Make certain that any problems are noted and contact your RA immediately after checking into your room. This is your opportunity to attest to the condition of the room. It is also important throughout the semester to report any necessary repairs to your RA.