Welcome to On-Campus Living

You have made the right decision to inquire about living on campus at Nova Southeastern University: Home of the Sharks! You are perhaps considering your options when it comes to choosing a college, but most importantly, you are probably wondering why you should live on campus. So let us—the members of the Residential Student Association—tell you a little bit about residing on campus. What does it mean to live on campus? Living on campus means making a lifelong friendship with your roommate, it means having many resources available to you through housing, and it means having a place to explore who you are. Best of all, living on campus means you are represented by the Residential Student Association. We support, recognize, create identity, and involve the residents throughout your time on campus.

When you get to campus, keep an eye out for us at barbeques, hall parties, or bowling. Your college experience will be the best years of your life. Don’t leave NSU with any regrets. When you reflect upon your college experience later in life, your roommates, your involvement, and your professors will have had the most influence on your potential. College can be amazing! So have fun, hang out with our friends in your room, go to an athletic event, get involved in something you like, and meet people. And when you get to campus, get involved with your hall council and the Residential Student Association. Thank you for considering Nova Southeastern University. We hope you will make the best choice and continue with the legacy we pass on to every new student.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

--The Residential Student Association

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