Nova Southeastern University’s new IBM supercomputer nicknamed “Megalodon” allows NSU to join an elite group of universities with this type of research computing power.

The name Megalodon was chosen as it is the biggest prehistoric shark that ever lived and the largest predatory marine creature in the history of the planet. This is fitting because the Megalodon supercomputer has the ability to process more data than ever before at NSU. It will allow researchers to create more accurate models of complex processes, simulate problems once thought impossible to solve, and analyze increasing amounts of data generated by experiments in weeks or months, rather than the years required by conventional computers.

The supercomputer is currently located in the Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences and will be housed in the Center for Collaborative Research, once construction is completed in 2016.

The multi-million dollar supercomputer was donated to NSU by Centaurus Energy in Houston, Texas.