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Dallas Royal

By Kara-Beth Yaquinta, Dec. 6, 2016

College student by day and rapper by night, Dallas Royal is someone to keep your eye on. He brings something to the table that not many other young rappers can say they do and that’s drive. After hearing him speak I gained insight into his lifestyle; he explained that instead of being a typical student that goes out and parties, he rather stay in his dorm and work on lyrics. After hearing some of his lyrics, I can tell that he stays true to his words. He’s one of those musicians that’s smart about the moves they make…sending a message through his lyrics, pairing it with a catchy beat, which causes attraction. If he continues to head down the path he is, I could potentially see him being a rapper that speaks not only for a generation, but someone who speaks on issues, hardships and anything controversial.

For now, he’s relatable to his generation because he’s someone who speaks about how far he has come and where he has to go because I definitely know the majority of us feel like that time to time. However, I believe that his experiences have ignited a fire inside of him, which is going to take him to the top. I respect the fact that he’s in school learning the business because anyone could be good at music, but it’s the business you gotta learn to go far. It’s safe to say he’s a true hustler in the game and he’s definitely playing to win. Check out his link below and discover this up and coming Florida rapper.