New to The Scene

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  • Punk Rock Band
  • Sounds Like: Queen, Lady Gaga, The Kills
Breaking out of New York’s underground punk rock scene this week is the up and coming trio, DAMEHT. Since the debut of their EP “Girls Jeans” November of last year, the band has truly amassed quite the following, selling out multiple venues across the country. The trio consists of lead singer Rivington Starchild, guitarist Lucas Garzoli and drummer Roman Lewis. Through electrifying guitar solos and hushed vocals the band has established a unique sound while staying true to the punk rock spirit. DAMEHT continued to make its mark on the genre late last week, with the release on their new single “Creeper Creeper.” Because of its unique and daring sound, the single easily received over 11,000 hits during its first week alone. Ultimately the band embodies the authentic defiant Americana spirit that resides in all of us.