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Edge Michael

By Chase Book, June 14, 2017

Edge Michael’s reggae career has taken him around the world, with a mission and message of self-empowerment and positive vibes. His lyrics tell stories of life, pain and how life should be experienced. What’s truly unique about Edge is the morally upright message he conveys within his music. After talking to him on the phone, I gained rare access through which I learned about him, his life and his process.

Edge has a wife and kids, who he works tirelessly on his music for to provide them the best life he can. When I asked him about what he was currently working on, he responded, colorfully, “I’m in the middle of working on my new album. I have all the music done! But I’m just trying to figure out a way to put them all together on a seamless, beautiful album. This is the hardest part of my music making, and many people don’t see this process.”

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Photo credit: Chase Book

Growing up in Jamaica, he was surrounded by Rastafarian culture. I asked Edge how his cultural influenced his music, and he responded, “I respect the Rastafarian way; the culture brings me a feeling of belonging and also my inspiration. But I honestly don’t live a typical Rastafarian lifestyle. Without the reggae movement, my music wouldn’t exist. “ You can feel the passion Edge has through his music. The way he makes you feel each word, and the way the messages of his songs come through so clearly, you would think he was already a reggae legend.

When asked what part of his music sets him apart, Edge responded, “The message I convey is morally conscious. The goal I have when you listen to my music is to remember how life should be, and how humanity should act towards one another. There’s one love. Too many people are living outside their means, and we need to remember how humanity is.”

Edge’s career has taken him around the world, with a mission and message of self-empowerment and positive vibes. “I have traveled and performed all over the world, from Jamaica to the Americas, overseas to Europe, and also a few performances in Asia. I have tried to perform wherever I travel to show the world my talents.”

I have the utmost respect for this man who continues to follow and chase his dreams every day, and he is indeed making that dream into a reality. Below is one of my favorite songs of his, Rebel with a Cause. Check it out! He’s also got a couple of albums on iTunes, so be sure to check those out as well.