Project RISE uses two quick, easy-to-use assessment tools to measure literacy outcomes: the iSTEEP Oral Reading Fluency (ORF) and the iSTEEP Maze.  Both are standardized, curriculum-based, valid, and reliable measures that have been thoroughly researched. Trainings are available for learning how to administer and how to use the literacy assessment results.

iSTEEP Oral Reading Fluency (ORF)

The iSTEEP Oral Reading Fluency (ORF) is designed to assess the number of words a student can read aloud correctly in one minute. All Trust-funded agencies are required to administer this assessment to participants who are in Kindergarten to Grade 3.


With the iSTEEP Maze, providers can assess a group of children’s reading comprehension in only 3 minutes. All Trust-funded agencies are required to administer this assessment to their participants who are in Grades 4-12. The Maze can be administered to a group of students or one child at a time. This video shows the Maze be administered to a group of 10!

The Literacy Assessment trainings, forms, and materials needed to administer the iSTEEP ORF and MAZE are available for free to all Trust-funded agencies.

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