New Trainings

We developed a new training that shows programs how to evaluate how accurately they are conducting SPARK physical fitness at their own sites. Check out our training calendar to learn about upcoming S-FIT trainings.

New Online Training System

Project RISE introduced a new online training system that allows you to REGISTER for trainings, PRINT certificates for trainings, and view attendance for all trainings. Each person who attends our trainings needs an account! If you have ever attended a Project RISE Training, your account has been transferred to this new system. You do not need to create an account. Log in using your first and last name as one word for the username (Example AnaSmith is the username for Ana Smith) with TEMP123 as the password at If you have never attended a Project RISE Training you will need to create a new account at

New Staff

Project RISE has some new staff!  Take a look at our “Meet Our Staff” page to learn more about them!

Improved Access to RISE forms

Project RISE has made downloading forms a little bit easier for our hard-working providers. Now you can access all of our forms on one page. Forms include scoring sheets for the PACER as well as a spreadsheet used to monitor the progress of children’s ORF and MAZE scores. The new page can be found under the Support for Your Programs tab up top!

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