Master of Public Health

About M.P.H. Program

The Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) Program is an accredited graduate level program designed to prepare students to define, critically assess, and resolve public health problems. The program provides training in the theories, concepts, and principles of public health and their application. To meet the rapidly changing needs of health service professionals, including preventive medicine specialists, the curriculum is structured to accommodate a diversity of backgrounds and individual career goals.

There is a demand for public health professionals as a result of emerging and re-emerging diseases, environmental health concerns, health care reform, health care system, sociopolitical factors affecting our nation's health, and expansion of health issues that are global in scope. Professionals with the M.P.H. degree may hold positions of responsibility in a variety of settings including health care facilities, county and state health departments, social service agencies, health policy and planning organizations, universities, and community-based health education and health promotion settings, nongovernmental organizations, governmental agencies, international health organizations, and the corporate world. These positions often involve active participation of the M.P.H. graduate in the coordination, planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of health programs and services. Some students pursue further advancement in their graduate education upon completion of the M.P.H. degree program.

The M.P.H Program offers a generalist Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) degree, which requires a minimum of 42 credit hours of study. This consists of 27 credit hours of required core courses including a public health field experience (6 credit hours) and a minimum of 15 credit hours of public health elective courses. Coursework may be taken on a full-time or part-time basis. M.P.H. students are required to complete their course of study within five years of matriculation. A full-time student may be able to complete the requirements within two years. The M.P.H. degree may be completed on-site or online. The M.P.H. Program also offers a Spanish-language version of the online option. The curricula for these options are identical, although the modality of instruction for each one is different. On-site classes are offered in the evening, and are generally scheduled one evening per week. Up to 15 credit hours of online courses are allowable within the onsite option. A face-to-face orientation is required for both online and on-site students prior to matriculation into the program. The capstone experiences at the end of the program include a supervised field experience (with a written report and an oral evaluation), and a written comprehensive examination. Supervised field-based courses, projects, and research opportunities are available to students as part of their elective courses. Go to the menu at the left side of this page, click "Academic Programs," and choose "Master of Public Health" from the drop-down menu.