Other Related Policies and Procedures 

Office of Sponsored Programs Policies and Procedures

Policy #Description
1 Proposal Preparation: Application and Award Types
2 Proposal Preparation: Organized Research
3 Proposal Preparation: Technical Proposal Preparation and Review
4 Proposal Preparation: Proposal Budget Preparation and Review
5 Proposal Preparation: Application of Facilities and Administrative Cost Rates to Proposal Budget and Facilities and Administrative Cost Waiver
6 Proposal Preparation: Application of Fringe Benefit Rates to Proposal Budget
7 Proposal Preparation: Proposal Review, Approval, Signature and Submission on Behalf of NSU
8 Proposal Preparation: Sponsor Contact
9 Proposal Preparation: Negotiations
10 Proposal Preparation: Electronic Research Administration
11 Compliance / Award Acceptance: Sponsored Agency Compliance
12 Compliance / Award Acceptance: Protection of Human Subjects in Research
13 Compliance / Award Acceptance: Civil Rights
14 Compliance / Award Acceptance: Drug Purchases for Research
15 Compliance / Award Acceptance: Intellectual Property – Patents, Copyrights & Inventions
16 Compliance / Award Acceptance: Conflict of Interest
17 Compliance / Award Acceptance: Misconduct in Science
18 Compliance / Award Acceptance: Responsibilities of Principal Investigators and NSU for Sponsored Agreements
19 Compliance / Award Acceptance: Appointment of Relatives / Nepotism
20 Compliance / Award Acceptance: Requests for Information
21 Compliance / Award Acceptance: Banner Index Number Assignment
22 Compliance / Award Acceptance: After-the-Fact Proposal
23 Compliance / Award Acceptance: Notification and Acceptance of Award
24 Award Maintenance: Signature Authority
25 Award Maintenance: Recording of Budgets and Encumbrances
26 Award Maintenance: Official Award File and Record Retention
27 Award Maintenance: Pre-Award Costs
28 Award Maintenance: Allowable Costs and Expenditure Control
29 Award Maintenance: Personnel Changes
30 Award Maintenance: Direct and Facilities and Administrative Costs
31 Award Maintenance: Salaries, Wages and Overload Payments
32 Award Maintenance: Equipment Purchase with Sponsored Project Funds
33 Award Maintenance: Equipment Ownership, Accountability, and Records
34 Award Maintenance: Subcontracts / Subgrants
35 Award Maintenance: Program Income
36 Award Maintenance: Cost Sharing or Matching
37 Award Maintenance: Cost Transfers
38 Award Maintenance: Effort Reporting
39 Award Maintenance: Prior Approval Requirements
40 Reporting / Payment: Financial Reports
41 Reporting / Payment: Progress Reports
42 Reporting / Payment: Cash Draw Down Requests/Sponsored Program Receivables
43 Reporting / Payment: Receipt and Application of Sponsored Project Funds
44 Award Closing: Closing a Sponsored Award
45 Award Closing: Award Transfers to Another Institution
46 Award Closing: Transfer of Equipment to Another Institution
47 Award Closing: Financial Disposition of Residual Funds – Fixed Price Amount Awards