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Student Club/Org. Web Space Procedures | Web Development

Any student club sponsored by NSU may create and maintain its own web page. A designated club member possessing the requisite computer skills will be appointed as "webmaster" for the club. The webmaster will be responsible for creating and maintaining the club web page with approval from the Office of Student Affairs or COM Student Services. The webmaster will execute the following steps to begin the process:

  1. Retrieve and print a copy of the Information Provider Agreement (IPA) form.
  2. Read and agree to the terms stated in the form. All club web pages must conform to the policies stated in the IPA. Obtain signatures on the form from the webmaster, the club faculty advisor, and the Dean of Student Affairs. If the club is part of the College of Medicine, the Director of Student Services at COM will sign the Dean/Director portion instead of the Dean of Student Affairs.
  3. Send the completed form to the Web Team in OIT. The Web Team will create the computer environment necessary for the webmaster to begin work. The Web Team will send the webmaster the relevant technical information via electronic mail. The webmaster may then begin work on the club web page.
  4. Once the club web page is ready to go online, the webmaster will request the Office of Student Affairs to review the web page. Once approved, the club web site will then be active and available via the Internet.

The club webmaster will be responsible for maintaining the club web page and must pass this responsibility to a new club webmaster when s/he leaves the University. This will require the new club webmaster execute steps 1-4 (above) again.

Note: Clubs/Organizations may request a shortened URL for their club web address (re:

Frequently Asked Questions

For information on requesting web space, please refer to the NSU Student Club/Organization Web Space Request Procedures above.

You can use any web page editing tool you wish. The Web Team will provide basic ftp location information for uploading your pages using Netscape Composer and Internet Explorer.

The NSU Help Desk can provide assistance with uploading web pages using various, "free" software, like Netscape Composer.

You can use HTML to create your pages. You can also use JavaScript and Flash to enhance your organizations web site. OIT has resources available for student organizations to enhance communication with members and enhance their web presence.

Yes, you can request a shortened URL when the Web Development department sets up your web space. The shortened URL will correspond to your organization's name.

An electronic mailing list is a list of names and email addresses of people who usually share a common interest and wish to communicate with each other. One email address is used to send a message to all persons on the electronic mailing list (listserv). A listserv will allow the club members to communicate with the group. The club/organization president can use the Listserv Request form to request a listserv for the organization.

Your organization can have special email address, or email alias, that will forward email to designated member's email accounts. For example, your organization's special email address is Email sent to this address will go to the accounts of designated member (i.e. and To request a special email address (alias) for your organization, please send email to