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Shared Services


Our mission is to create and enhance integrated, responsive, client – Centric IT software, products and services for Nova Southeastern University, in common with the 2020 strategic Agenda.

Our Aim:
All individual members of the shared services team have shared common values.

They are

The Quality Assurance Department of Nova Southeastern University (NSU) is committed to providing high quality service that will ensure all NSU technical products meet and exceed our customers’ expectations while keeping compliant and deliver technical solutions within budget and schedule. Providing a reliable environment, proactively improving work standards and embracing our stakeholders as full partners ensures the accomplishment of this commitment.

The Change Management Office (OIIT) is a service discipline at Nova Southeastern University dedicated to safeguarding standardized methods and procedures are used for proficient and rapid handling of all changes to controlled OIIT infrastructure, in order to minimize the impact of any related incidents caused by change upon service.

SharePoint provides an information-sharing platform, document management platform, workflow platform, business process management framework, and development foundation on which information worker solutions can be created. Comprehensive business solutions can be easily assembled to support a company’s information management and business  needs

Development: Through the use of advanced technologies and methodologies, the Application Development team is committed to designing, developing, implementing and integrating systems that will fulfill the scope and objectives of the core values and objectives of the university.