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OIIT Receiving

OIIT Receiving, in the University Park Plaza building, will serve as a central receiving area and is responsible for receiving and delivering the computer equipment and peripherals purchased for all University users, including off campus sites.


Once packages are received they are logged into our tracking system and matched with a purchase order. Packages / equipment are delivered, throughout the campus, twice a day. Proof of signature is required upon delivery; which, is then scanned back into our system for future reference.


If you should need to return technology equipment, please do the following:

  1. Contact the Purchasing Department so that they can set up the return and get a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) from the vendor. Purchasing will be responsible for resolving order discrepancies with the vendor, including damaged goods or shipment of incorrect items.
  2. You can then notify us and we will pick the package up from you.
  3. Upon receiving the RMA from Purchasing, we will ship the package back to the vendor.

Read the OIIT Receiving Policy information.

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