Project Initiation

Project Intake Form

The PMO project intake process begins with the Project Sponsor submitting a completed Project Intake Form to the PMO to be submitted to the IT Steering Committee for approval to become an official project.

Roles and Responsibilities


Project Intake Form: The PMO has developed a form to be used by all for requesting a project to be presented to the IT Steering Committee. Provide below is the information required from the Sponsor:

Additionally, describe the cost of the problem. This identifies the impact on the department/center or University if no action is taken to address the identified business need.

Business Objectives

Describe the business objectives addressed by the proposed project. Note that business objectives are separate from the project objectives which are later developed in the project's detailed scope of work and project plan. Business objectives address the previously identified business needs; the successful execution of the project would allow the agency to achieve the business objectives and satisfy the stated business needs.

Business objectives can be strategic, tactical or operational in nature and correspond to the business needs in the same categories.

Examples of strategic objectives are:

Examples of tactical objectives are:

Examples of operational objectives are:

To the greatest extent possible, identify quantifiable business objectives. For example: "By FY2013, lower operational costs by $50K".


  1. The project sponsor/requester completes the Project Intake Form providing all of the required information. The request is submitted to the PMO to be presented to the IT Steering Committee.
  2. The PMO Team submits the project request to the IT Steering Committee as an agenda item for the next regularly scheduled IT Steering Committee meeting. The project sponsor attends the meeting to provide clarifications and respond to the committee's questions as required.
  3. The IT Steering Committee reviews and evaluates the project request; approves the project request to become a project, deny the project request as a project or place in a Pending or Hold status with reason.
  4. The project sponsor of approved projects attends IT Steering Committee meetings during the project lifecycle.
  5. If the project proposal is approved as an official project, a Project Manager is assigned to the project.


The output from the project intake process is the IT Steering Committee's approval decision. The approved project request information will become input to the remaining project initiation processes, i.e. Charter development; and the Project Planning Processes.

Project Intake Form