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The purpose of the Office of Innovation and Information Technology (OI2T) is to provide the University community with the technological resources to support and complement teaching, learning, and research regardless of geographic location; to maintain a leadership role in instructional technology by providing quality services that facilitate, enhance, and support the goals and objectives of a diverse university community; to provide and support a strong student centered administrative system.

Information Technology

Vice President/CIO, Tom West
Operating under the direction of the Vice President/CIO the Office of Innovation and Information Technology is comprised of six major units with multiple technology departments within each unit; as follows:

Educational Technologies & Digital Media Production

Executive Director, Diane Lippe
Digital Media Production, Innovation Zone (IZone), Strategic Support Services, Technology Training

Project Management Office

Executive Director, Laraine Mittleman
Project Management

Information Security Office

Executive Director, John Christly
Information Security, Healthcare Security

Clinical Informatics

Managing Director, Julio Morales
Clinical Informatics

Applications, Web, Mobile, Software Development & Support and Strategic Initiatives

Chief Technology Officer, Chris Harrison
Information Management, Programming and Operations, Software Development, Visual Information Architecture and Interaction Design, Web Development