MSN Online Program

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Course Requirements

Core Required Courses
Course Semester Hours
NSG 5000 Advanced Nurse Role 3
NSG 5101 Theory and Research 3
NSG 5111 Evidence and Practice 3
NSG 5130 Health Care Policy 3
NSG 5270 Information Management and Data Analysis 3
Total Core Course Credits 15
Additional required courses by track

In addition to the core M.S.N. courses the following courses are required to complete the desired nursing track:

M.S.N. Education: 21 Semester Hours
Course Semester Hours
NSG 5345 Foundations for Clinical Decision Making 6
NSG 5300 Nursing Curriculum Development 3
NSG 5370 Introduction to Educational Concepts 3
NSG 5380 Educational Concepts 1: Principles of Evaluation 3
NSG 5390 Educational Concepts 2: Technology 3
NSG 5360 Nurse Educator Practicum 3
Total M.S.N. Education Credits 21
M.S.N. Health Systems Leadership: 21 semester hours
Course Semester Hours
NSG 5230 Nursing Decision-Making in Complex Health Systems 3
NSG 5240 Nursing Governance and Resource Management 3
NSG 5250 Fiscal Management in Complex Health Systems 3
NSG 5460 Quality Initiatives: Transforming Care 3
NSG 5340 Nursing Leadership Roles in Complex Health Systems 3
NSG 5470 Business and Economics of Health Care 3
NSG 5490 Health Systems Leadership Nursing Practicum 3
Total M.S.N. Health Systems Leadership Credits 21
M.S.N. Nursing Informatics: 21 semester hours
Course Semester Hours
MI 5130 Database Systems in Health Care 3
MI 5204 Clinical Decision Support Systems 3
MI 5180 Human-Computer Interaction in Health Care Settings 3
MI 5121 Information Systems Leadership Project Management in Health Care 3
MI 6410 Consumer Health Informatics 3
NSG 5600 Nursing Informatics 4
NSG 5610 Advance Practice in Nursing Informatics 2
Total M.S.N. Nursing Informatics Credits 21

**Course Involves Practicum Hours

Course descriptions for nursing courses can be found in the College of Nursing Catalog. Course descriptions for courses offered outside the nursing department can be found in the catalog of the school offering the course.