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If you have a problem, complaint, request, or question that you would like the Student Government Association to investigate, and is not already under the FAQs below, this is the form you need to fill out.




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Q: I want to start a new club at NSU, who should I talk to?
A: IOC Senator

Q: I want help in advertising my club's event, who should I talk to?
A: Public Relations Director

Q: We need funds for an event, what can I do?
A: Lobby any NSUSGA senator to write a bill to get money.

Q: I am interested in starting a website for my club, what should I do?
A: Talk to either the PRD or the director, Terry Weech (

Q: I need a requests (vans, tents, chairs, tables), what should I do?
A: Go to the Student Activities office and fill out a form.

Q: I need food services and need to reserve rooms at the Flight Deck, what should I do?
A: Go to the Student Union office.

Q: I have questions regarding my club's account (treasurer business), who should I see?
A: NSUSGA Treasuer

Q: I want to be involved with SGA, what do I do?
A: Download or pick up an application from the SGA office and turn it in to any officer.

Q: I need a specific form from NSUSGA, what to do?
A: Seach our forms sheet, it might be there! If not then send a request to
via our website.

Q: I have suggestions, comments, or complaints about NSUSGA, what to do?
A: Fill out a form online or pick one up from the SGA office.

Q: Where can i place info so that other clubs can receive it?
A: In the club folder cabinet at the Flight Deck.

Q: I have flyers that need to go up, who should I see?
A: Speak to any of the employess at the Student Affairs office (1st floor of Rosenthal); this is for flyers/posters to go at Mailman/Parker. To place them at the dorms please see someone from Residential Life at Goodwin Dorms.

Q: I need media services, projectors, etc, who should I see?
A: Go to Student Activities office.

Q: I want to print large posters, where should I go?
A: Alvin Sherman Library, 1st Floor. Remember, poster printouts are limited to 2 per person, per day.

Q: I want to know what going on with SGA, what should I do?
A: Check out our calendar online regularly and be aware of flyers.