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NSU IQ Scholarship Quiz Questions


  1. As of 2012, approximately how many people can call themselves NSU alumni?
  2. Where does NSU rank in terms of size among the not-for-profit independent institutions in the United States?
  3. In 2012-2013, who is the President and CEO of Nova Southeastern University?
  4. In 1964, what was then called___________ was chartered as a graduate institution in the physical and social sciences.
  5. In what year was Nova University founded?
  6. In what year did Nova University merge with Southeastern University?

  1. What percentage of Nova students are white non-Hispanic?


  1. NSU researchers are at the leading edge of scientific breakthroughs on many fronts. According to the NSU website, how much outside funding do our researchers receive?

  1. Nova Southeastern University’s scientists are engaged in exciting interdisciplinary research projects to make discoveries and produce new knowledge. Which of the following is an area where NSU students are able to conduct research?
  2. More than 200 research projects are currently underway at NSU including___?


  1. In addition to being home to the National Coral Reef Institute (NCRI), NSU’s Oceanographic Center is home to a research institute whose namesake is a famous artist. Who is this artist?
  2. NSU is home to a private Pre‐K -12 college preparatory school which is named _________.
  3. How many acres of land make up the main NSU campus in Davie, Florida?


  1. Besides an exhibition gallery, a one‐of‐a‐kind creation by famed glass artist Dale Chihuly, and a friendly cafe, the 325,000‐square‐foot Alvin Sherman Library, Research, and Information Technology Center has_____ private study rooms.
  2. At the heart of Nova Southeastern University’s Fort Lauderdale, Florida main campus is a five story, 325,000‐square‐foot __________; the largest in all of Florida.

  1. Nova Southeastern University library’s online catalog, the record of the books, journals, and other library materials at all of the libraries at NSU, is named _________.

Don Taft University Center

  1. Inside the Performing and Visual Arts Wing of the Don Taft University Center you will find the intimate __________.
  2. According to the NSU Web site, you can celebrate your down time in the __________, the popular student lounge located in the Don Taft University Center.


  1. Nova Southeastern University is accredited by the __________, the highest accrediting body for higher education institutions in the Southeast, to award associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, educational specialist, and doctoral degrees.

Clubs and Organizations

  1. In addition to a powerful student government and socially active fraternities and sororities, approximately how many on‐campus clubs and organizations does NSU have?
  2. What is the average temperature in South Florida?

NSU Athletics Quick Facts

  1. For more than 20 years, NSU athletic teams were known as the Knights. In 2005, our nickname was changed because another university in our new athletic division was already called the Knights. The nickname now used by NSU is the __________.
  2. The university is also home to which professional team’s training facility?

  1. In addition to following NSU athletics on Facebook and Twitter, students can receive game recaps, game previews, and information on upcoming special events and promotions by subscribing to what weekly e‐mail newsletter?

Student Services

  1. Financial Aid, Registrar, and Bursar have merged into one location called ______.

  1. NSU’s Shuttle Bus Service is called?

  1. Your NSU online portal that allows a single login to provide access to email, personal and shared Web calendars, online groups, WebSTAR, WebCT, and other NSU applications is officially called __________.

  1. You may view a copy of your academic record at any time by logging into your __________ account.
  2. You may request and pay for a copy of your official NSU transcript online through __________.

  1. Under the NSU license, students may download at no cost, EndNote®, ProCite®, and Reference Manager®, industry standard software tools for __________.

  1. The Office of University Bursar generally deals with __________.

  1. On the upper left corner of each NSU ID card there are two numbers, your library number and your ISO number. The ISO number is __________.

  1. What is the name of the university department that is responsible for course registration, transcript processing, name and address change, enrollment verification, and grade processing?


  1. The overall goal of "Life 101" is __________.
  2. NBA star Alonzo Mourning, Olympic champions Kristi Yamaguchi and Michael Phelps, James Earl Jones, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson all have what affiliation with NSU?

  1. The NSU Employment Program (NSE) differs from the Federal Work Study Program (FWS) in that __________.
  2. According to the "About Student Employment" Web site, the maximum number of hours a student may work under Federal Work-Study program while registered and attending classes is __________.
  3. The Job Location and Development Program serves in developing and locating off-campus community service jobs for students and is open to __________.
  4. Through the Job Location and Development Program (JLD) students are encouraged to __________.


  1. At NSU's Sanford L. Ziff Health Care Center, walk-in hours are reserved for__________.
  2. According to the NSU Student Medical Center Web site, __________ may be seen at the Student Medical Center if they bring a school identification and insurance card.

  1. Who is Wayne Huizenga?
  2. The H. Wayne Huizenga School at NSU specializes in what field study?

  1. The H. Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship in located in what building on NSU’s Ft. Lauderdale Campus?
  2. The Maxwell Maltz Building is home to the Center for __________ at NSU.
  1. In which of the following cities does Nova NOT have a campus?

  1. The Law Center of Nova Southeastern University is named after__________ in recognition of his wise counsel, community leadership, and generous financial support.

  2. The Leo Goodwin, Sr. Hall is home to which academic center at NSU?
    The Law Center?

  1. What NSU group has expanded to more than 130 voices and maintains a music library of over 600 selections?


  1. NSU’s live on-campus radio station is called _________.
  2. Radio X, the university’s on-campus radio station, broadcasts on which channel?

  1. Which NSU center would you find on North Ocean Drive in Dania Beach, Florida?

  1. H. Well Singleton serves as the executive for which of NSU’s many schools?


  1. What do Robert A. Steel, Ray Ferrero, Jr., Rick Case, and Wayne Huizenga all have in common?


  1. The corporate goal of NSU is to be recognized publicly as a premier private not-for-profit university of quality and distinction that engages all students and produces alumni who serve with integrity by the year _______.
  2. President George L. Hanbury II, Ph.D. collaborated with faculty members, deans, staff, alumni, student leaders, community members, and ________ to create a single-shared vision based on eight core values. 
  3. The Mission of Nova Southeastern University is to offer an array of academic programs, on-campus educational opportunities, and resources to foster which of the following?
  4. Academic Excellence, Integrity, Innovation, and Diversity are among eight of the university’s ____________.
  5. ___________ involves honesty and fairness, consistency in instruction, ethics of scholarship, freedom of inquiry, and open and truthful engagement with the community through effective communication, policies and practices.
  6. ___________ includes, but is not limited to, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, philosophy, gender, physical, socioeconomic status, age and sexual orientation. 
  7. ____________ is the creative and deliberate application of teaching, research, scholarship and service for effective education, and the development of useful products or processes providing a value added to the community.


  1. NSU has recently merged with what entity in order to provide a new component of the arts curriculum?
  2. NSU’s Rose and Alfred Miniaci Performing Arts Center is a proud partner of which local performing arts theater?

Tobacco Free

  1. Beginning July 1, 2012, what new change will come to NSU’s campus after almost 5 years of debate?
  2. To promote a safe and healthful work and academic environment, NSU has adopted what policy?


  1. When is the recommended time for the Program of Osteopathic Medicine applicants to take the MCAT?

  1. Which of the following is NOT a service that the iShark app provides?

  1. What is the name of the program that saves a seat in the graduate school for the undergraduate student?


  1. __________ provide specialized training to help expand your area of expertise, learn about new developments in your fields, enhance your professional skills and credentials to help you advance in your career.
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