Past and Future Events

Past Events
Climate-Sustainability Lecture Series- September 8th, Nova Southeastern University

“Work, Stress, and Immunity: Pathways to Sustainable Health” presented by Dr. Nancy Klimas
Monday, Sept. 8 from  Noon–1:00 p.m. in the Mailman-Hollywood Building, Second Floor Auditorium

IACFS/ME Biennial International Research and Clinical Conference-March 20-23, 2014, San Franciso, CA
Miami 2014 Winter Symposium-The Molecular Basis of Brain Disorders- January 26-29, 2014, Miami, Fl

Paper presented by Dr. Travis Craddock, Dr. Gordon Broderick and Dr. Nancy Klimas "Fire in the Head: Exploring the Role of Homeostatic Drive in the Perpetuation of Neuroinflammation Brain Disorders"

Patient Conference - January 26, 2013, Nova Southeastern University

The Institute for Neuro Immune Medicine hosted a patient conference in the DeSantis Center at Nova Southeastern University.

Videos from the conference: