Mini-Symposium 8:
Coral Microbial Interactions

Poster Presentations: Wednesday, July 9, 2008 16:00 - 18:00 Exhibit Hall A-D (Click on presentation title to view abstract)
POSTER BOARD # TITLE AUTHORS (* indicates Presenting Author)
8.210 Quorum sensing inhibitory activities from coral-associated bacteria Stephanie HALBIG*, Max TEPLITSKI, Kim RITCHIE
8.211 Bacterial Diversity Associated With the Corals of Gulf of Mannar SHUNMUGIAH THEVAR KARUTHA PANDIAN*, PARAMASIVAM NITHYANAND
8.212 Are You Interested in the Invisible? Tools for Coral Reef Microbiology Forest ROHWER*, Mark HATAY, Linda WEGLEY, Neilan KUNTZ, Olga PANTOS
8.213 Histopathological Analysis of Hyaline, Fibrillar Lesions in the Caribbean Staghorn Coral, Acropora cervicornis Erin HODEL*, Esther PETERS
8.214 Bacterial Diversity Associated with Tropical Azooxanthellate Hexacorals and Octocorals Lory Z. SANTIAGO-VÁZQUEZ*, Wolfram M. BRÜCK, Thomas B. BRÜCK, Angela P. DUQUE-ALARCÓN, Peter J. MCCARTHY, Russell G. KERR
8.215 Bacterial community associated with tissue and skeleton of three scleractinian species: Galaxea fascicularis, Pavona cactus and Turbinaria reniformis Pascale TREMBLAY*, Markus G. WEINBAUER, Christian NOZAIS, Cécile ROTTIER, Christine FERRIER-PAGÈS
8.216 Bacterial Quorum Sensing Signals and Settlement of Coral Larvae Cory KREDIET*, Kim RITCHIE, Mikhail MATZ, Max TEPLITSKI
8.217 Efficient Isolation of Bacteria That Induce Settlement and Metamorphosis of Acropora Larvae Kanae MATSUSHIMA*, Masayuki HATTA
8.218 Bacterial Communities Associated with the Surface Mucopolysaccharide Layer and Tissues of Healthy and Diseased Montastrea faveolata Wes JOHNSON*, Reney HENDERSON, Garriet SMITH, Ernesto WEIL, Karen NELSON, Pamela MORRIS
8.219 Role of the coral surface microbiota in disease: an in situ test using the Gorgonia-Aspergillus pathosystem Emily BRODERICK*, Karen BUSHAW-NEWTON, Walker TIMME, Jessica WARD, Kiho KIM
8.220 Discoloration of coral larval cultures caused by Pseudomonas sp.? Iliana BAUMS*
8.221 Patterns of Antibiotic Resistance in Microbial Isolates from Pseudopterogorgia americana Katherine WILLIAMS*, Maria VIZCAINO, Jennifer DELANEY, Garriet SMITH, Karen NELSON, Pamela MORRIS
8.222 &[delta]13C and &[delta]15N values for branching coral reefs at the Berau Marine Conservation Area in East Kalimantan, Indonesia Handoko Adi SUSANTO*, Masaaki YONEDA, Hiroko KOIKE
8.223 Seasonal changes in bacterial communities associated with Acropora palmata surface mucus and surrounding water column Kim RITCHIE*, Jonathan ONUFRYK, Erich BARTELS, Joel THURMOND
8.224 Realistic measure of the supply of bacteria from the water column to a coral Michael SWEET*
8.225 Transitions in Vibrio spp. populations correlate with human impact in the Northern Line Islands Robert SCHMIEDER*, Tracy MCDOLE, Elizabeth DINSDALE, Matthew HAYNES, Forest ROHWER, Robert EDWARDS
8.226 Bacterial Growth on Coral Mucus Gil SHARON*, Eugene ROSENBERG
8.227 Effect of temperature and light stress on bacterial communities in Aiptasia pulchella Nick JACHOWSKI*, Joel THURMOND, Kim RITCHIE
8.228 Coral Mucus Production by Acropora cervicornis and its Utilization by Heterotrophic Bacteria Ryota NAKAJIMA*, Kassim ZALEHA, Rahim AZMAN, Ross OTHMAN, Tatsuki TODA
8.229 Carbonate and Silicate Reef Sands from the Northern Red Sea Provide Different Micro-Habitats for Specific Bacterial Communities Barbara PFITZNER*, Sandra SCHÖTTNER, Alban RAMETTE, Antje BOETIUS, Christian WILD
8.230 Metabolic Profiling of Microbial Communities within the Surface Mucopolysaccharide Layer of Corals Kathy KILGORE*, Scott GRAVES, Roy YANONG, Craig WATSON, Ilze BERZINS
8.231 Characterizing Uncultured Coral-Associated Bacteria in Genotypically Distinct Colonies of Acropora palmata Using Universal 16S rDNA Primers Pascal MEGE*, W. Owen MCMILLAN, María Gloria DOMÍNGUEZ-BELLO, Edwin HERNANDEZ DELGADO, Tomas HRBEK
8.232 Metamorphosis Decision of Acropora Larvae in Response to Mixtures of Exclusive Cues from Environments Masayuki HATTA*, Ayaka HORIKOSHI, Chie SASAKI, Yoshimi FURUTA
8.233 The Impact Of pH On Coral Bacterial Community Maoz FINE, Ehud BANIN, Dalit MERON*
8.234 Functional Diversity of Microbial Communities Associated with the Mucus of Scleractinians around Moorea (French Polynesia) Ophélie LADRIÈRE*, Laetitia THEUNIS, Annick WILMOTTE, Mathieu POULICEK
8.235 Prokaryotic Diversity Associated with Brazilian Corals Monica LINS-DE-BARROS*, Ricardo P. VIEIRA, Ricardo COUTINHO, Maysa B.M. CLEMENTINO, Alexander M. CARDOSO, Aline TURQUE, Cynthia B. SILVEIRA, Vívian A. MONTEIRO, Orlando B. MARTINS
8.236 Coral associated microbial community diversity: differences between impacted and non-impacted reefs in SE Sulawesi, Indonesia. Corinne WHITBY, Boyd MCKEW, Leanne HEPBURN*
8.237 Coral-bacterial associations vary under environmental and experimental conditions Tracy AINSWORTH*, Ove HOEGH-GULDBERG
8.238 Coral Mucus as a Source of Bacteria with Antimicrobial Activity Maya SHNIT-ORLAND*, Ariel KUSHMARO
8.239 Changes in coral-surface bacterial communities following bleaching induced coral mortality and their implications for ecosystem function. Ron JOHNSTONE*, Mark DAVEY, Anna EDLUND, Sara SJÖLING
8.240 Phenotypic characterization of a coral white pox pathogen, Serratia marcescens Cory KREDIET*, Kim RITCHIE, Erin LIPP, Max TEPLITSKI
8.241 Free living Symbiodinium sp. existence in the rocky reef of the Pacific Coast of Colombia Pedro CASTRO*, Juan A. SANCHEZ
8.242 Microbial Community Profile of Coral Mucus from Recovering Porites Ulcerative White Spot Disease Miahnie Joy PUEBLOS*, Wolfgang REICHARDT
8.243 Anti-Microbial and Antibiotic Resistance of Vibrio coralliilyticus and Sister Phylotypes Maria VIZCAINO*, Gregory S. MATTHEWS, Nikole E. KIME, Katherine WILLIAMS, Peter D.R. MOELLER, Pamela J. MORRIS