Mini-Symposium 25:
Predicting Reef Futures in the Context of Climate Change: Is 500 ppm CO2 and 2░C of warming the 'tipping point' for coral reefs?

Poster Presentations: Thursday, July 10, 2008 16:00 - 18:00 Exhibit Hall A-D (Click on presentation title to view abstract)
POSTER BOARD # TITLE AUTHORS (* indicates Presenting Author)
25.1125 In Hot Water: Rising Ocean Temperatures and Coral Reefs Lillian O'CONNELL*
25.1127 Ocean Warming - The Seasonal and Long-term Variation of the Mixed Layer Depth in the Coral Sea and its Impact on the Great Barrier Reef Jasmine JAFFR╔S*
25.1128 Temperature dependant respiration rate increase measured by in-situ underwater respirometer Yutaka TATEDA*, Yuri MASUMITSU, Kenji IWAO, Minoru TAMURA
25.1129 High Symbiodinium diversity at high-latitude reef sites ľ a means of survival in the face of climate change? Laura WICKS, Eugenia SAMPAYO, Jonathan GARDNER, Ove HOEGH-GULDBERG, Simon DAVY*
25.1130 GIS Modeling and Mitigation of Coral Reef Damage Richard SNOW*, Mary SNOW
25.1131 Climate Change LEADS: Linking Environmental Analysis to Decision Support Alessandra SCORE, Eric MIELBRECHT*, Dan WAGNER
25.1132 The heterogeneity of temperature change and coral bleaching during temperature abnormally warm in summer 2007 Tung-Yung FAN*, Bing-Je WU, Lee-Shing FANG
25.1133 Rising Sea Level and Increased Turbidity on Fringing Coral Reefs Michael FIELD*, Andrea OGSTON, Ann GIBBS
25.1134 Coral Protection under the U.S. Endangered Species Act Miyoko SAKASHITA*, Brendan CUMMINGS*, Andrea TREECE*, Shaye WOLF*
25.1135 Species Specific Responses to Experimental Bleaching of Corals Deborah VIVIAN*, Susan YEE, Sarah KELL, Cheryl MCGILL, Mace BARRON
25.1136 Making the Loss of Coral Reefs a Personal Matter John WARE*
25.1137 Effects of Elevated Seawater Temperatures on the Development and Survivorship of Larvae of the Eklhorn Coral Acropora palmata Carly RANDALL*, Alina SZMANT
25.1138 Coral Reef Monitoring In The Gilbert Group, Kiribati: Taking Into Account Long-term Monitoring And Limited Resources Taratau KIRATA*, Toaea BEIATEUEA, Tebaua SAPOLU, Aaranteiti TEKIAU, Dr. Simon DONNER
25.1139 Effects of elevated pCO2 and temperature on calcification and photosynthesis of the Mediterranean coral Cladocora caespitosa Riccardo RODOLFO-METALPA*, Sophie MARTIN, Christine FERRIER-PAG╚S, Jean-Pierre GATTUSO
25.1140 Distribution of algal symbionts (Symbiodinium spp.) in reef corals along a latitudinal gradient in Western Australia Rachel SILVERSTEIN*, Adrienne M. S. CORREA, Andrew BAKER
25.1141 Variation in zooxanthella production of dimethylsulfoniopropionate (DMSP) Mary Alice COFFROTH*, Maria Gabriella JACKSON, Patricia MATRAI, Carlton RAUSCHENBERG
25.1142 Coral Ultrastructural Response to Elevated pCO2 and Nutrients During Tissue Repair and Regeneration D. Abigail RENEGAR*, Patricia L. BLACKWELDER, Alison L. MOULDING
25.1143 Using the concept of degree heating weeks and the threshold of coral bleaching temperature to assess the risk of coral bleaching in Taiwan Tai-Ying WU*, Sharon HORNG, Chang-Feng DAI
25.1144 Heat Tolerant Corals (Porites lutea and Galaxea fascicularis) From Near-shore and Offshore Reefs in Northern Vietnam Suzanne FAXNELD*, Tove Lund JÍRGENSEN, Michael TEDENGREN, Magnus NYSTRÍM, Ngai Dang NGUYEN
25.1145 The Effect of Moderate and Extreme Temperature Increases on the Physiological Responses of Coral Reef Organisms (Porites lutea and Five Different Algae) in Northern Vietnam Tove Lund JÍRGENSEN*, Suzanne FAXNELD, Michael TEDENGREN
25.1146 Evidence for Normal Gametogenesis in Bleached Colonies of the Stony Coral Oculina patagonica Rachel ARMOZA-ZVULONI*, Roee SEGAL, Yossi LOYA
25.1147 Conservation, mass mortality and population dynamics of long- lived octocorals Roberta CUPIDO*, Silvia COCITO, Mimmo IANNELLI, Lorenzo BRAMANTI, Ilaria VIELMINI, Giovanni SANTANGELO
25.1148 Assessment of potential threat on coastal ecosystem by future sediment load trends in the Southeast Asian and West Pacific (SEA-WP) regions Varigini BADIRA*, Kazuo NADAOKA, Seita EMORI
25.1149 Using Global Circulation Models and Optimized Bleaching Thresholds to Assess the Future of Reefs Ruben VAN HOOIDONK*, Matthew HUBER
25.1150 Species susceptibility to bleaching and disease before, during, and after the 2005 Caribbean warm water event on deep and mid-depth reefs of the US Virgin Islands Jacqulyn CALNAN*
25.1151 Environmental Correlates of Symbiodinium Population Clade Identity Thomas OLIVER*, Kevin ARRIGO, Stephen PALUMBI
25.1152 Global warming and Caribbean coral reefs collapse: The case of star corals (Montastraea annularis and M. faveolata) in Puerto Rico. Edwin HERNANDEZ-DELGADO*, Raisa HERNANDEZ
25.1153 Algal symbiont communities in scleractinian corals in the Galapagos during the 1997-1998 El Ni˝o-Southern Oscillation bleaching event Lauren VANDEPAS*, Andrew BAKER, Peter GLYNN, Josh FEINGOLD
25.1154 Coral reefs of the Gulf of Mannar, Southeastern India - observations on the effect of elevated SST during 2005-2007 Edward JK PATTERSON*, G. MATHEWS, K. DIRAVIYARAJ, Jerker TAMELANDER
25.1155 What is the scope for adaptation and acclimatization of corals ľ seeing the wood for the trees David OBURA*
25.1156 Effects of UV radiation on the sexual reproduction of the threatened Acropora cervicornis Juan TORRES*, Roy ARMSTRONG, Ernesto WEIL
25.1157 Potential impacts of anthropogenic climate change on coral reefs and mangroves in Madagascar Katie ARKEMA*, Jameal SAMHOURI
25.1158 Coral Mortality And Recovery On A Jamaican North Shore Reef Following The 2005 Caribbean Region Bleaching Event Peter GAYLE*, Nigel WALTHO, Bernadette CHARPENTIER
25.1159 Coral bleaching and spatio-temporal variation of thermal stress in Shiraho fringing reef of Ishigaki Island, Southwest Japan Kazuo NADAOKA*, Takahiro YAMAMOTO, Kazuma ARISAKA, Yuji MAEDA, Shunsuke MOTOOKA, Hajime KAYANNE, Satoshi MAEKAWA, Enrico PARINGIT
25.1160 Investigating spatial variation in coral recruitment with respect to temperature along the southern coast of St. John, US Virgin Islands Daniel GREEN*, Peter EDMUNDS
25.1161 Combined model assessment of geographic patterns in warming rates on coral reefs through 2050 Lauren FRANCK*, Andrew BAKER, Amy CLEMENT