Mini-Symposium 23:
Reef Management

Poster Presentations: Tuesday, July 8, 2008 16:00 - 18:00 Exhibit Hall A-D (Click on presentation title to view abstract)
POSTER BOARD # TITLE AUTHORS (* indicates Presenting Author)
23.889 The Economic Value of Coral Reef Quality to SCUBA Divers in Barbados Peter SCHUHMANN*, James CASEY, Hazel OXENFORD
23.890 Pacific Islands Climate Change Portal Mary Lou CUMBERPATCH, Marjorie ERNST, Stephanie FAUVER, Carrie HALL, Sarah VAN DER SCHALIE, Linda PIKULA*
23.891 A Comparison of Coral Reef Management Strategies for Tourism in the Gulf of Thailand Makamas SUTTHACHEEP*, Thamasak YEEMIN
23.892 Coral reef fish community metrics as indicators of management success Chris CALDOW*, Randy CLARK, Alan FRIEDLANDER, Mark MONACO, Ben RUTTENBERG
23.893 Man made stress reliever? An alternative to natural coral reefs? Petra ELMO, Petra ELMO, Petra ELMO*
23.894 Is a Coralline Island MPA within a Lagoon Seascape Effective as a Whole? A Case Study in the South Lagoon Marine Park of New Caledonia Olivier CHATEAU*, Laurent WANTIEZ
23.895 Stakeholder perceptions and observed resource quality in Caribbean marine reserves Richard POLLNAC*, Tracey DALTON, Graham FORRESTER
23.896 Assessing rarity of reef fishes from volunteer fish monitoring data Peter AUSTER*, Brice SEMMENS, Sean MONDE, Kimberly BARBER
23.897 Empowering fisherwomen through ICT in reef conservation and management – a case study from Tuticorin coast of the Gulf of Mannar, Southeastern India Jamila PATTERSON, Eva LINDEN, Christin BIERBRIER, Dan WILHELMSSON, Inger LOFGREN, David OBURA, Edward JK PATTERSON*
23.898 Habitat Similarity between the Artificial Reef and Surrounding Natural Hardbottom of Broward County, FL: Implications for Future Mitigation Planning Stacy PREKEL*
23.900 American Samoa: Setting an Example. Managing Reef Fish Populations Through Protection. Ben CARROLL*
23.901 Reef Monitoring Project for Kaho‘olawe Island Reserve, Hawai‘i Frank G. STANTON*
23.902 Environment Impact Assessment: Effective to Protect Okinawa's Coral Reefs at Risk? Seiji NAKAYA*
23.903 Spatial diversity of coral reef communities in Sulu Sea marine corridors Wilfredo Roehl LICUANAN*, Katrina LUZON, Porfirio ALINO
23.904 Conceptualizing Fisher-Tourism Conflict in an Indonesian MPA Leila SIEVANEN*
23.905 The Manila Ocean Park: A venue for coral reef education and research Benjamin VALLEJO JR*
23.906 Marine Biodiversity Conservation in the Kudat Priority Conservation Area, Sulu-Sulawesi Marine Ecoregion, Sabah, Malaysia : Applying the Ecosystem Approach. Robecca JUMIN*, Yoke Lee LEE, Sikula MAGUPIN, Annadel CABANBAN
23.907 Supporting the suppliers; the key to sustaining the marine aquarium trade?. Gayatri REKSODIHARDJO-LILLEY*, Yunaldi YAHYA, Putu WIDYASTUTI
23.908 ‘Evidence-based’ Coral Reef Conservation Sue WELLS*, William SUTHERLAND
23.909 Patterns of Spatial Variability in Distribution of Benthic Invertebrates and Algae at Sharm el Sheikh (South Sinai, Egypt) Stefano ACUNTO, Jessika GIRALDI, David BALATA, Luigi PIAZZI, Francesco CINELLI*
23.910 Newly Found Coral Reef at Hadd Tay Muang and Participatory Management Approaches by Communities Kittipan SUBKOON*, Songpol TIPPAYAWONG, Jirapong JEEWARONGKUL, Supaporn BUANIUM
23.911 Learning about Reef Conservation and Management: Coral Reef Ed-Ventures, an Environmental Education Program for Schoolchildren in Belize H. Allen CURRAN*, Paulette PECKOL, Susan ETHEREDGE, Miguel ALAMILLA, JR.
23.912 Pirates of the Caribbean; Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported Fishing Threats to Coral Reef and Pelagic Marine Biodiversity Steven LUTZ*
23.913 Evaluation of Factors That Can Promote Resistance and/or Resilience to Climate Change Induced Coral Bleaching Steve COLES*, J. Burke BURNETT, Stephen LEISZ, Rod SALM
23.914 Measuring success in coral reef management for the South Florida and Caribbean National Park Service units – one size doesn’t always fit all. Matt PATTERSON*, Andrea ATKINSON, Jeff MILLER, Andy DAVIS, Rob WAARA, Brian WITCHER
23.915 The Challenge of Managing Off-shore Reclamation to Ensure Sustainable Coastal Ecosystems: Focus on Dubai Hanneke VAN LAVIEREN*, Peter SALE, Paolo USSEGLIO
23.916 Changes in the coral reef populations within a community managed marine protected area in the Fiji Islands Helen SYKES, Kenneth MACKAY*
23.917 Culture and updated traditional management tools for serving ownership in locally managed marine areas Eric CLUA*, Bernard SALVAT
23.918 Documenting Traditional Knowledge of Marine Use and Resource Management in American Samoa Arielle LEVINE*, Bert FUIAVA*, Fiailoa MAIAVA*, Risa ORAM, Fale TUILAGI, Fatima SAUAFEA-LEAU
23.919 Factors Influencing Success of a Marine Protected Area Network in Hawaii Jim BEETS*, Brian TISSOT, Mark HIXON, Stephen THOMPSON, Mark MANUEL
23.920 Atlanta’s Willingness-to-Pay for Fijian Coral Reef Conservation: How Do Individuals Value Reefs Even When Distant And Can This Inform Market-Based Management Strategies? Carolyn FONSECA*, Doug NOONAN
23.921 Improvements in Determination of Mitigation Needs for Coral Reef Damage: the Case of Guam Mike GAWEL*
23.922 Undersea Explorer: A Unique Symbiosis of Tourism and Research Qamar SCHUYLER*, Louise BERNSTEIN
23.924 Guidelines for Dredging and Port Construction Around Coral Reefs Thomas FOSTER*, Emily CORCORAN, Constantijn DOLMANS, Paul ERFTEMEIJER, Caroline FLETCHER, Kobe PEIRS, Adam SMITH, Hidekazu YAMAMOTO
23.925 Scientific monitoring and customary management of Ungakum managed marine area: methods, lessons learned and challenges Maunoa KARO*, Tau MOROVE, Ryan WALKER, Helen PERKS, Fraser HARTLEY
23.926 Incorporating Human Usage into Conservation Planning and Management of Coral Reefs: New Spatial and Temporal Mapping of Use at Ningaloo Reef, North-Western Australia Lynnath BECKLEY*, Claire SMALLWOOD, Amanda LOMBARD, Susan MOORE, Halina KOBRYN, Jody NIEMAN
23.927 Temporal Variation of Fish Assemblages in Tung Ping Chau Marine Park, Hong Kong SAR, China Yin Ha LAM*, Put ANG
23.928 Managing Dive Tourism in Sipadan, Sabah, Malaysia Ridzwan ABDUL RAHMAN*, Zarinah WAHEED, Paul BASINTAL, Jamili NAIS
23.930 Green Fins-Thailand: Coral Reef Conservation in the Face of a Tourism Epidemic Kanyarat KOSAVISUTTE*
23.931 Lessons Learned and Best Practices in Coral Reef Management Mark TUPPER*
23.932 Adaptive management of Crown-of-Thorns starfish in Sekisei Lagoon, Japan HIROYUKI MATSUDA*, TAKURO SHIBUNO, MITSUHIRO UENO
23.933 Evaluating the success of four small-scale, community-based Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the Philippines through socio-economic and biophysical assessment: results from 3 years of intensive monitoring Jan-Willem VAN BOCHOVE*, Shay O'FARRELL, Simon HARDING, Matthew DOGGETT, Claudio DE SASSI, Harriet MORRALL, Peter RAINES
23.934 Characterizing Local Stakeholder Use and Perceptions of Coral Reef Conditions to Develop Management Options for Southeast Florida Reefs Manoj SHIVLANI*, Richard RUZICKA*
23.935 Knowledge diffusion in two marine protected area networks in the Central Visayas region, Philippines Diana M. PIETRI*, Patrick CHRISTIE, Alan WHITE
23.936 Variable rates of biodiversity recovery in marine protected areas of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Nathan LEMOINE*, Kenneth HECK, JR., John VALENTINE
23.937 Advantages of Direct Incentive Approaches in Marine Management Areas Eduard NIESTEN, Heidi GJERTSEN*, Richard RICE
23.939 Post-Hurricane Rita assessment of four sensitive banks in the vicinity of the Flower Garden Banks, Gulf of Mexico. Donald DEIS, Beth ZIMMER*, Leslie DUNCAN
23.940 Ecosystem-based Management of the Dongsha Marine National Park Wei-Chien LAI*, Chang-Po CHEN
23.941 Mitigating nearshore benthic resources in Florida: identifying problems and lessons learned from the past Greg WARD*, Jessica CRAFT, Erin HAGUE, Angela DELANEY, Stacy PREKEL
23.942 Challenges in Coral Reef Management: Lessons Learnt from Education and Outreach Projects in the Mexican Caribbean Sarah FRIAS-TORRES*, Maria BELLO, Rafael ARAUJO, Hernando CARDENAS
23.943 Applying Coral Reef Impact and Ecological Function Concerns Into Research Activity Permits Dave GULKO*
23.944 The Ecological Effects of Marine Preserves in a Grouper-Free and Diadema Rebounding System in St. Croix, USVI Alex BURPEE*, Robert HUMSTON, Lisa GREER, Dennis HUBBARD
23.947 The Caribbean Marine Protected Areas Management Network and Forum: building a learning community to enhance coral reef management Georgina BUSTAMANTE*, Alessandra VANZELLA-KHOURI
23.950 The Making of the Base Maps for Coral Reef Conservation. a Case Study of the Shiraho Area in Ishigaki Island, Okinawa, Japan Rintaro SUZUKI*, Hitoshi HASEGAWA, Satoshi MAEKAWA, Kiyoshi ICHIKAWA, Tsuyoshi SHIBATA, Yoshiyuki GOTO
23.951 Coral reef-based tourism and the private boating industry of the Bahamas Liana TALAUE-MCMANUS*, Wendy WOOD, Grant BROOKS, Garin DAVIDSON, Maria VILLANUEVA
23.952 A baseline socioeconomic survey for the Community-based Fishery Management Program villages in American Samoa Selaina TUIMAVAVE*
23.953 Managing reef systems in small island Developing States (SIDS): Case Study of Balancing Reef Management and Tourism development in The Bahamas Kathleen SEALEY*, Nicolle CUSHION, Sherry CONSTANTINE
23.954 Coastal Clean-Up in Little Cayman in 2007 Sara KREISEL*, Diana SCIAMBI, Krista RICH, Lisa DUNNE, Roy DUCOTE, Vania COELHO
23.955 The Risk Assessment of Soil Erosion for Better Management of Coral Reefs in the Pacific Pascal DUMAS*, Julia PRINTEMPS, Maxime FOSSEY
23.956 Law Enforcement as an Effective tool for Coral Reef Protection in Sri Lanka Premathilaka BOLANDA HAKURU*
23.957 Ten-Year Evolution of Inter-Municipal Marine Protected Area (MPA) Management in Lingayen Gulf, Northwestern Philippines Severino III SALMO*, Kevin PACIFICO, Porfirio ALINO
23.958 Management of Snorkeling Trails in the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand Se SONGPLOY*, Nipat SOMKLEEB, Nisit RUENGSAWANG, Jamrearn BUARUANG, Thamasak YEEMIN
23.959 Marine Protected Area Report Guide and Rating System: Do Scores Equate to the Reality of their Biophysical Status? Darwin John RAYMUNDO*
23.960 Information for the management of coral reef based tourism at Mu Koh Chang, Thailand Niapt SOMKLEEB*
23.962 Management of Artificial Reefs for Tourism in Phuket, Thailand Thamasak YEEMIN*, Se SONGPLOY, Sittiporn PENGSAKUN, Nipat SOMKLEEB
23.963 The MPA Report Guide and Rating System: A Comprehensive Tool for MPA Managers: New and Old Agnes Corine SABONSOLIN*
23.964 Impacts of Tourism on Apo Island Protected Landscape and Seascape, Central Philippines Hilconida CALUMPONG, Pablina CADIZ*, Clarissa REBOTON
23.965 Reef fish community of the Cagarras Archipelago: scientific support for a future Marine Protected Area Laís C. T. CHAVES*, Ramon NOGUCHI, Carlos E. L. FERREIRA, Cassiano MONTEIRO-NETO
23.966 Ecological changes and MPA establishment in Dongsha (Pratas) Atoll Ming-Shiou JENG*
23.967 Reef Watch Monitoring and how this kind of coral reef monitoring supports the objectives of the Green Fins Programme Justine DE RIOS*
23.968 Ecological Effects of the Crown-of-Thorns Starfish Removal Programme on Chumbe Island Coral Park, Zanzibar, Tanzania Frida LANSHAMMAR, Chris MUHANDO*
23.969 Fish assemblages associated with soft coral communities on Guam are depauperate irrespective of protected status Nola MEYER*, Jennifer MCILWAIN
23.970 SCUBA Divers in the Bahamas: Perceptions and potential role in coral reef management Liana MCMANUS, Wendy WOOD*, Candace NACHMAN, Maria VILLANUEVA
23.971 Linking Land Use and the Conservation of a Threatened Coral Species: Using Watershed Analysis to Improve the Protection of Acropora palmata Jeanne BROWN*, Barry DEVINE, Pedro NIEVES
23.972 User Fees as Sustainable Financing Mechnisms for Coral Reef Marine Protected Areas Steven THUR*
23.974 The Antiquities Act and the Protection of Coral Reefs in United States Waters Frank ALCOCK*, Robert JOHNSON
23.975 A Comparison of the Permanent Marine Protected Areas of Bermuda to Control Sites for Anchor and Diver Damage to Hard Corals Thaddeus MURDOCH*, Mike COLELLA, Matthew HAMMOND, Annie GLASSPOOL
23.976 Comparative Analysis of Algal Cover and Coral Recruitment in Spur and Groove Reefs in Little Cayman from 2005 to 2007 Sara KREISEL*, Kim BALLARD, Diana SCIAMBI, Roy DUCOTE, Vania COELHO
23.977 Grey Reef shark home range and behavior on Pacific coral reefs in relationship to contaminants and ecotourism Phillip LOBEL*
23.978 Collaborative Watershed Planning to Protect Threatened Coral Ecosystem Resources in Coral Bay, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands Jennifer KOZLOWSKI*, Anne KITCHELL
23.979 Creating a Community-Based Marine Protected Area Paul SANCHEZ NAVARRO, Miguel Angel MALDONADO*
23.980 Human uses impacting coral reefs of Puerto Rico Idelfonso RUIZ-VALENTIN*, Manuel VALDES-PIZZINI, Michelle T. SCHARER, Miguel LUGO
23.981 Contaminants in fishes from Johnston Atoll, a US military base in the Pacific Lisa LOBEL*, Phillip LOBEL
23.982 Marine Resources Management at the Coiba National Park (Panama) Juan MATÉ*, Angel VEGA, Héctor GUZMÁN, Daniel SUMAN, Darío TOVAR, Ricardo MONTENEGRO
23.984 Damselfish embryo assay: Field measurement of pollution impact Lisa LOBEL*, Phillip LOBEL
23.985 Scaling-up efforts for fisheries management and marine biodiversity conservation through networks of marine protected areas in marine corridors within the Sulu-Sulawesi Seascape Miledel Christine QUIBILAN*, Porfirio ALINO, Sheila VERGARA, Romeo TRONO
23.986 An Automated Real-Time Meteorological and Oceanographic Monitoring System Supporting Marine Biological Research and Management on the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef Thomas OPISHINSKI*
23.987 International Coral Reef Management Through Government-Private Cooperation Michael MOLINA*, Thomas CRAVEN
23.988 Development of a Strategy to Guide the Use of Remotely Sensed Information in the Management of Coral Reef Environments Candace NEWMAN*
23.989 Voluntary Standards as a Tool for Increasing the Sustainability of the Marine Recreation Industry and Improving MPA Effectiveness in Hawaii and Mesoamerica Rick MACPHERSON*, Rich WILSON, Liz FOOTE
23.990 “You tell us we can’t eat the fish but you don’t tell us why” Carlos ORMOND*, David ZANDVLIET*
23.991 Hurricanes and corals in Southern Belize: from science to management and policy development M. James CRABBE*, Edwin MARTINEZ, Christina GARCIA, Juan CHUB, Leonardo CASTRO, Jason GUY
23.992 The Decline of Coral Reef Conditions Caused by Extensive Land Modification: A Case Study of the Shiraho Area on Ishigaki Island, Okinawa, Japan Hitoshi HASEGAWA
23.993 When Do Nearshore Mitigative Reefs Reach Functional Equivalency With the Natural Hardbottom? A Case Study for Managing Reefs along the Central Florida Gulf Coast Jessica CRAFT*, Nicole ELKO, Craig KRUEMPEL
23.994 NMFS Species of Concern Program and Coral Reefs Dwayne MEADOWS*, Marta NAMMACK
23.995 Large-scale characterization of coral habitats by physical environments Hiroya YAMANO*, Tsuyoshi SHIBATA, Tatsuo NAKAI, Shigeki YASUMURA
23.996 Conservation Action Planning in Micronesia: Learning from the past to manage for the future. Trina LEBERER*
23.997 ReefBase: Information Systems Focused on Coral Reef Resources & Management Moi Khim TAN*, Tupper MARK, Tewfik ALEXANDER
23.998 How to measure success in coral reef management from the Caribbean Sea and the Eastern Pacific Nohora GALVIS*, Nohora GALVIS
23.999 Comparative Analysis of Coral Communities Found in Spur and Groove Reefs in Little Cayman from 2005 to 2007 Kim BALLARD, Sara KREISEL*, Christine GILMAN, Carey BATHA, Diana SCIAMBI, Roy DUCOTE, Vania COELHO
23.1000 Managing Jamaica’s Coral Reefs and Coastal Developments Chalene ROYE*, Chalene ROYE
23.1001 Ten years monitoring of state of the coral reefs of Akajima Island, Okinawa Hiroki TANIGUCHI*
23.1002 Cross-scale institutional interactions and cooperative management: Lessons from community-based marine protected areas in the Philippines Miguel CASTRENCE*
23.1003 Sanganeb Atoll and Dungonab Bay National Marine Park; two marine Parks in the Red Sea of Sudan managed by an African private organisation. David KOOISTRA*
23.1004 CORAL REEF CONSERVATION CAMPAIGN - BRAZIL Ana Paula PRATES*, Paula PEREIRA, Angela Ester Magalhães DUARTE, Maria Helena REINHARDT, Maria Carolina HAZIN, Beatrice PADOVANI FERREIRA, João Marcello CAMARGO, Livia de Laia LOIOLA, Clovis Barreira e CASTRO, Debora de Oliveira PIRES
23.1006 New Initiatives in conservation and management of coral reefs in Andaman & Nicobar Islands (India) Alok SAXENA*, Sujit SHYAM CHOUDHURY
23.1007 Threats to coral habitat in St. Martin Island, Bangladesh. Mohammad Zahirul ISLAM*, Mohammad Sazedul ISLAM
23.1008 Marine Debris Location, Identification, and Removal from St. Lucie Inlet Preserve State Park, Florida, U.S.A. Jamie MONTY*, Laura HERREN, Merle STOKES
23.1009 Managing Coral Reef in Indonesia. Lesson learn from Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management Program suharsono SUHARSONO*
23.1010 An Ecological Correction to Marine Reserve Boundaries in the US Virgin Islands Rafe BOULON*, Mark MONACO, Alan FRIEDLANDER, Chris CALDOW, John CHISTENSEN, Caroline ROGERS, James BEETS, William MILLER
23.1011 St Croix East End Marine Park: The U.S. Virgin Islands’ First Territorial Marine Park Norman QUINN*, John FARCHETTE, Karlyn LANGJAHR, Paige ROTHENBERGER
23.1012 The Use of Simulated Visible/Infrared Imager/Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) and Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM) Imagery for Coral Reef Monitoring Leland ESTEP*, Joe SPRUCE, Slawomir BLONSKI, Roxzanna MOORE
23.1014 Second and Third Order Management Issues in South Sinai Protected Reef Areas Rupert ORMOND*, Wera LEUJAK, Mohammed SALEM, Ayman MABROUK
23.1015 Community Participation in Coral Reef Management on Phuket Island, thailand Pitul PANCHAIYAPHUM, Hansa CHANSANG*, Krawi ONGSORANACOMKUL, Anuwat NATEEWATTANA
23.1016 Improving Governance of Marine Protected Areas through Inter-local Government Collaboration in Central Philippines Rizaller AMOLO*, Rose-Liza EISMA-OSORIO
23.1018 Pre-closure evaluation of habitats and fish assemblages in five proposed MPAs off the US southeastern coast Stacey HARTER*, Andrew DAVID, Marta RIBERA
23.1019 NOAA Coral Reef Watch: Satellite Data Products for Coral Reef Managers, Through the World Bank/GEF Coral Reef Targeted Research Program Tyler R. L. CHRISTENSEN*, Alan E. STRONG, William J. SKIRVING, C. Mark EAKIN, Jessica A. MORGAN, Gang LIU, Scott F. HERON, Dwight K. GLEDHILL
23.1021 Significance of Reading of a Spatial Structure of 101 - 103m Scale for the Conservation of Coral Reef Ecosystem Tatsuo NAKAI*, Tsuyoshi SHIBATA, Hiroya YAMANO, Shigeki YASUMURA
23.1023 Why do Divers Dive Where They Dive? Understanding the Distribution of Divers across the Reefs for Ensuring their Sustainable Management Maria C. UYARRA, Isabelle M. CÔTÉ*, Andrew R. WATKINSON
23.1024 Influence of Management on Resilience of Hard-coral Assemblages on Belize Reefs Nadia BOOD*, Melanie MCFIELD, Richard ARONSON
23.1025 Comparative Study of Coral Cover, Fish Density and Fish Biomass in Biga Marine Reserve from 2003 to 2005 Daisy Desiree FLORES-SALGADO*
23.1026 Private management of coral reefs: An example from the Sugud Islands Marine Conservation Area, Sabah, Malaysia Lydia TEH*, Louise TEH, Fung Chen CHUNG
23.1027 Florida Keys Coral Ecosystem Management: Can the past influence the future? Steven ROHMANN*, Catherine MARZIN, Loren MCCLENACHAN
23.1028 Analysing factors that contribute to the success of Locally-Managed Marine Areas: Preliminary Results and Lessons Learned Toni PARRAS*
23.1029 Management Strategies and Intensity of Use of the Cozumel Reefs National Park, Mexico Rodolfo RIOJA-NIETO, Charles SHEPPARD*
23.1030 From Barrels to Augers: Managing a Transition in the Mooring Buoy Systems of Bonaire National Marine Park. Ania BUDZIAK*, Charles BEEKER, Ramon DE LEON, Claudia JOHNSON, Erle KAUFFMAN
23.1031 The Colonial Tunicate Trididemnum solidum in the Bonaire National Marine Park: Colony Removal as a Potential Management Strategy Emily MCGRATH*, Rita PEACHEY
23.1032 Twenty Years of Reef Monitoring in Barbados: Benefits to Government and Lessons Learned Renata GOODRIDGE*, Leo BREWSTER, Wayne HUNTE, Angelique BRATHWAITE, Leonard NURSE, Hazel A. OXENFORD
23.1033 Application of Socio-economic Research for Management of the St. Croix East End Marine Park as a Pilot MPA for the U.S. Virgin Islands’ Territorial System of Marine Parks Karlyn LANGJAHR*, Nicholas DRAYTON
23.1034 Sensitivity of Corals to Turbidity and Sedimentation from Dredging: A Review Paul ERFTEMEIJER*, Bernard RIEGL
23.1035 Post-Hugo Recovery of a Protected and Unprotected Reef: St. Croix, US Virgin Islands Dana FISCO*, Monica ARIENZO, Connie SOJA, Dennis HUBBARD
23.1036 Biodiversity of Coral Reef in Sumbawa Sea, Indonesia:Comparison between Underwater Observation and Satellite Imagery Susumu KANNO*, Masahiko YANAGAWA, Akihiko OHGANE, Kimiya HOMMA
23.1037 Effectiveness of a marine protected area on the east end of St Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands using the queen conch Strobus gigas, as a sentential species Barbara KOJIS*, Norman QUINN
23.1038 Gaining Ground in Improving Marine Protected Areas (MPAs): The Philippine Experience Hazel ARCEO*, Porfirio ALINO, Vincent LUMBAB, Cleto NANOLA, Ma. Fe PORTIGO
23.1039 Effectiveness of a small MPA in conserving fish resources Victor NESTOR*, Charlene MERSAI, Geory MEREB, Yimnang GOLBUU
23.1040 Species composition and abundance at two protected spawning aggregation sites in Palau with different length of closure Geory MEREB*, Arius MEREP, Alan FRIEDLANDER, Yimnang GOLBUU
23.1041 Learning from the development of marine protected area networks: Is science or practical realities the guiding force? Stuart GREEN*, Alan WHITE, Stacey KILARSKI, Patrick CHRISTIE, Anna MENESES, Leah BUNCE, Giselle SAMONTE-TAN, Kate NEWMAN, Stuart CAMPBELL, Helen FOX
23.1042 Effective Socio-Political Strategies That Help Support Ecological Resilience of Marine Protected Area Networks Within the Coral Triangle Anna MENESES*, Alan WHITE, Stuart GREEN, Stacey KILARSKI, Patrick CHRISTIE