Mini-Symposium 22:
Coral Reef Associated Fisheries

Poster Presentations: Tuesday, July 8, 2008 16:00 - 18:00 Exhibit Hall A-D (Click on presentation title to view abstract)
POSTER BOARD # TITLE AUTHORS (* indicates Presenting Author)
22.821 Estimating populations of two rabbitfish species (Siganus guttatus and Siganus javus) in the coral reefs of Singapore: a pilot study on the use of software-assisted photo-ID Marco PERRIG*, Beverly GOH
22.822 Use of a Model Selection Approach to Estimate Effects of Age, Size, and Density on Post-Settlement Survival of Yellow Tang in a Hawaiian MPA Network Jeremy T. CLAISSE*, Sarah A. MCTEE, James D. PARRISH
22.823 The coupling of St. John, USVI marine protected areas based on reef fish habitat affinities and movements across management boundaries Mark MONACO*, Alan FRIEDLANDER
22.825 Modeling Reef Fish Visual Census Data: Dealing with Zero Inflated Observations. Alejandro ACOSTA*, Paul KUBILIS
22.826 Effect of marine protection areas on the community structure of coral reef fishes in Kenting National Park, southern Taiwan Jung CHEN*, Tung-Yung FAN, Kwang-Tsao SHAO
22.827 Reef Fish Spawning Aggregations in the Bay of Bengal: Awareness and Occurrence Jerker TAMELANDER*, Melita SAMOILYS, Shahaama SATTAR, Ukkrit SATAPOOMIN, Vineeta HOON, JK PATTERSON EDWARD, Stuart CAMPBELL, Manish CHANDI, Rohan ARTHUR, Shiham ADAM
22.828 Marine Fisheries Management in Sierra Leone: Achievements and Challenges Sheku SEI*, Mohamed .B.D. SEISAY, Heiko SEILERT, Ibrahim TURAY
22.829 Commercial topshell, Trochus niloticus fisheries in the Pacific. Present status, management overview and outlook for rehabilitation Kalo PAKOA*, Kim FRIEDMAN, Emmanuel TARDY, Ferral LASI, Mecki KRONEN, Aliti VUNISEA
22.830 Exploitation of Reef Resources: Grouper and other food fishes in Andaman and NicobarIslands Rajan PONAMKULAM*
22.831 Reef Fish Densities Inversely Follow Human Population Levels Across American Samoan Islands Robert SCHROEDER*, Marc NADON, Benjamin RICHARDS, Brian ZGLICZYNSKI, Marlowe SABATER
22.832 Piscivores of the Caribbean: the curse of too many people Christopher STALLINGS*
22.833 Size spectra analysis as tool to examine management effectiveness of marine protected areas Tasrif KARTAWIJAYA*, Rizya ARDIWIJAYA
22.834 Management Of The Aquarium Fishery Of The Maldives Marie SALEEM*, Fahmeeda ISLAM
22.835 Assessing the Conservation Efficacy of the Dry Tortugas National Park (Florida, USA) Research Natural Area, a No Fishing Reserve David HALLAC, John HUNT, Douglas MORRISON*, Bill SHARP
22.836 Technique to monitor and study fish and their habitat below scientific diving depths. Daniel MERRITT*, Kevin WONG, Michael PARKE, Chris KELLEY, Jeff DRAZEN
22.837 Trajectories of ecosystem change in an extremely degraded reef in the Philippines Rollan GERONIMO*, Porfirio ALIÑO, Fernando CASTRENCE, JR., Andre Jon UYCHIAOCO
22.838 Do Mangroves and Seagrass Beds Enhance Growth of Juvenile Coral Reef Fish? Monique GROL*, Martijn DORENBOSCH, Eva KOKKELMANS, Ivan NAGELKERKEN
22.839 Management options to be adopted by artisanal fishers in Colombian Caribbean William ZUBIRIA-RENGIFO*, Roberto RIVERA, Isabel Cristina CHACON-GOMEZ
22.840 Assessing the socio-economic impact of export trade in coral reef resources on Fijian society Louise TEH*, Lydia TEH, Benjamin STARKHOUSE, Ussif Rashid SUMAILA
22.841 The impact of the export trade in coral reef resources- perspectives from coastal communities and implications for managing change Lydia TEH*, Louise TEH, Benjamin STARKHOUSE, Ussif Rashid SUMAILA
22.842 Effect of tourism development on economically important reef fish of Koh Kood, Trat Province, Thailand Se SONGPLOY*, Nipat SOMKLEEB, Makamas SUTTHACHEEP, Sittiporn PENGSAKUN, Thamasak YEEMIN
22.843 Sacrificing Coral Reefs to Achieve the Progress: Life of Blast Fishermen in the Spermonde Archipelago, South Sulawesi, Indonesia Muhammad CHOZIN*
22.844 Ornamental Fish Trade in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden Maroof KHALAF, Mohamed ALI²
22.845 Ornamental Fish Trade in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden Maroof KHALAF*, Mohamed ALI
22.847 Differential Effects of a Marine Partially-Protected and Unprotected Area on Shore Reef Fish Communities and Populations Maria Catalina REYES-NIVIA*, Alberto RODRIGUEZ-RAMIREZ
22.848 Fish Community Structure, Habitat Diversity and Fishing Pressure in Gulf of Guinea Reefs (Tropical Eastern Atlantic) Carlos Eduardo FERREIRA*, Sergio FLOETER, Claudio SAMPAIO, Luiz ROCHA
22.849 Unregulated Collecting is Severely Impacting an Endangered Coral Reef Fish in Indonesia Alejandro VAGELLI*
22.850 Abundance Trends of Fishes in the Tortugas North Ecological Reserve and Adjacent Management Zones John BURKE*, Mark FONSECA, Mike BURTON, David GLOECKNER, Brian DEGEN, Vanessa MCDONOUGH
22.851 Banggai Cardinalfish: Towards a Sustainable Ornamental Fishery Samliok NDOBE*, Abigail MOORE
22.852 Preliminary assessment of the Harvest and Status of the Humphead wrasse Cheilinus undulatus (Varivoce), in the Southern and South-west Viti Levu region, Fiji Islands. Aisake BATIBASAGA, Aisake BATIBASAGA*
22.853 Strategies and Difficulties in Implementing MAC Standards at the Community and Ecosystem Level: A Lesson Learned from Seribu Islands, Indonesia Silvianita TIMOTIUS*, Safran YUSRI, Muh SYAHRIR, Nugroho SUSILO, Idris .
22.854 Short-term recovery of exploited coral reef fish communities under customary management in New Ireland, Papua New Guinea Ryan WALKER, Fraser HARTLEY, Tau MOROVE, Maunoa KARO, Helen PERKS*, James COMLEY
22.855 Participatory Reef Fisheries Monitoring in Punta Cana, DR Benjamin KUSHNER*, Megan STONE, Renata FERRARI, Liana TALAUE-MCMANUS, Felimon GAYANILO, Dan HOLSTEIN, Kristine STUMP, John MCMANUS, Jake KHEEL
22.856 Trap Impact on Coral Reefs: Affects of wind-driven trap movement in the Florida Keys Cynthia LEWIS*, Stopher SLADE, Kerry MAXWELL, Thomas MATTHEWS
22.857 Does commercial line fishing on the Great Barrier Reef put the bite on reef sharks? Colin SIMPFENDORFER*, Michelle HEUPEL, Ashley WILLIAMS, David WELCH, Aaron BALLAGH
22.858 The Effect of Temperature and Pesticides on the Damselfish Acanthochromis polyacanthus Emmanuelle BOTTE*, Carolyn SMITH-KEUNE, Sue CODI-KING, Andrew NEGRI, Dean JERRY
22.859 MPA effects on the structure of population of Epinephelus merra in Reunion Island (SW Indian Ocean): an initial study. Karine POTHIN*, Emmanuel TESSIER
22.860 Spatial distribution patterns of abundance of major life stages of reef fishes in Sulu Sea, Philippines Melchor DEOCADEZ*, Eugene MOLEÑO, Arceo HAZEL, Jerome CABANSAG, Jonathaniel APURADO, Samuel MAMAUAG, Cesar VILLANOY, Porfirio ALIÑO
22.862 Behavior and Survivorship of Hatchery-reared Trochus niloticus (Gastropoda:Trochidae):Implications to Restocking Efforts Davelyn PASTOR*, Marie Antonette JUINIO-MEÑEZ, PH D
22.863 Marine Protected Areas: Boon and Bane for the Philippine small-scale fisheries? Martina KELLER*, Matthias WOLFF, Rizaller C. AMOLO
22.864 First Description of Post-settlement Goliath Grouper (Epinephelus itijara) and Details of Early Life History Using Daily Otolith Increment Analysis Monica LARA*, Jennifer SCHULL, David L JONES, Robert ALLMAN
22.865 Essential habitats for juvenile groupers in coastal waters of Southern Gulf of Mexico Ximena RENAN-GALINDO*, Thierry BRULE
22.866 Population dynamics of an artisanally harvested giant clam (Tridacna maxima) Annie YAU*, Hunter LENIHAN
22.867 Fish Spawning Aggregations at Gladden Spit, Belize- A Slippery Subject jocelyn FINCH*, Julianne STOCKBRIDGE*, Shayne PECH, Lindsay GARBUTT
22.868 Evolution of small scale fisheries net gears selectivity to preserve marine turtles in Martinique and Guadeloupe, FWI Laurent LOUIS-JEAN*, Philippe LENFANT, René GALZIN, Eric DELCROIX, Jean-Philippe MARÉCHAL
22.869 Influence of Habitat Structure and Population Density on the Distribution and Survival of Four Species of Harvested Coral Reef Fishes Clare WORMALD*, Mark STEELE
22.870 Body size and abundance relationships in Tropical Eastern Pacific reef fishes: Testing the Energetic Equivalence Rule Carlos MUÑOZ*, Fernando A. ZAPATA
22.871 Rotary time-lapse photography: a non-destructive technique for fish population assessment Ian MACDONALD*, Doug WEAVER
22.872 The Use of ABC Curves as Health Indicator for Reef Fish Communities Sachiko HAYASAKA*, Horacio PEREZ
22.873 Within island gradients in human disturbance alter demography of coral reef fishes Mary DONOVAN*, Sheila WALSH, Stuart SANDIN, Ben RUTTENBERG, Scott HAMILTON
22.874 Indications of Recruitment Enhancement in the Sea Urchin Tripneustes gratilla due to Stock Restoration Efforts Marie Antonette MEÑEZ*, Davelyn PASTOR, Helen Grace BANGI
22.875 Fishing Community Council: Does it work? Isabel MARQUES DA SILVA*, Julie GARNIER, Alison SHAW
22.876 Aspects of the reproductive biology of two Serranidae species in The Bahamas: Epinephelus guttatus (Red Hind) and Mycteroperca venenosa (Yellowfin Grouper) Nicolle CUSHION*, Melissa COOK, Kathleen SULLIVAN-SEALEY
22.877 Tide-related Variation in the Reef Fish Fauna of Utría National Park (Colombia, Tropical Eastern Pacific) Gustavo Adolfo CASTELLANOS-GALINDO*, Uwe KRUMME, Alan GIRALDO
22.878 The Contribution and Impact of Marine Protected Areas towards coral in Zanzibar Island Salim SAAD, Salim SAAD*
22.879 Assessing and Mapping the Distribution of Fish Species and Guilds Across the Bermuda Reef Platform and Identifying Critical Marine Habitats for Spatial Protection Thaddeus MURDOCH, Matthew HAMMOND, Joanna PITT*, Mandy SHAILER, Annie GLASSPOOL
22.880 Artisanal fish catches along coral reef areas of East coast of Zanzibar Narriman JIDDAWI*
22.881 Density, biomass, and habitat association of the Rainbow parrotfish, Scarus guacamaia, in Alacranes reef, northern Yucatan Peninsula Carlos GONZALEZ -SALAS*, Alfonso AGUILAR-PERERA, Harold VILLEGAS-HERNÁNDEZ
22.882 Contributions to the biology of the Mardi Gras wrasse, Halichoeres burekae, in the western Gulf of Mexico Douglas WEAVER*, luiz ROCHA, Jessica MAISANO
22.883 Differential Depth Effects upon Biomass Patterns in an Herbivorous Coral Reef Fish Assemblage Michael NEMETH*, Richard APPELDOORN
22.884 Seasonality and long-term Changes in Reef Fish population at Caye Caulker Marine reserve, Belize, C.A.: 1: Preliminary overview Ellen MCRAE*
22.885 Movement patterns of queen conch, Strombus gigas, and utilization of coral reef-associated habitats in St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands Jennifer DOERR*, Ron HILL
22.886 Composition of one of the southern reef fish community in Brazilian coast. Jonas LEITE*, Mauricio HOSTIM-SILVA
22.887 Spatial Variations In Elemental Otolith Elemental Fingerprints For Two Reef Fish Species In Nearshore Nursery Habitats In St Croix And Puerto Rico Ivan MATEO*, Edward DURBIN, Richard APPELDOORN, Aaron ADAMS