Mini-Symposium 17:
Emerging Techniques in Remote Sensing and Geospatial Analysis

Poster Presentations: Thursday, July 10, 2008 16:00 - 18:00 Exhibit Hall A-D (Click on presentation title to view abstract)
POSTER BOARD # TITLE AUTHORS (* indicates Presenting Author)
17.553 GIS Derived Spatial Analysis as a Tool to Predict Nearshore Coral Reef Fish Species in American Samoa D. Paul BROWN*, Gerald ALLEN
17.554 Monitoring the health of coral reef using Multi-temporal remote sensing - A case study of Pirotan Island, Marine National Park, Gulf of Kachchh, Gujarat , India Sahadev SHARMA*, Anjali BAHUGUNA, Nandini Ray CHAUDHARY, Shailesh NAYAK, Sachin CHAVAN, Chavi Nath PANDEY
17.555 Coral color - reflection and absorption Noga STAMBLER*
17.556 Geomorphological Symbolization of Coral Reef Environments along the Southeast Coast of Florida: Interpretation of airborne laser Bathymetry and Development of an Extension for ArcInfo GIS Jacob ESTEBANELL BECERRA, Victoria ACHATZ, Charles FINKL*
17.558 Habitat isolation negatively influences reef fish populations of a Hawaiian atoll Erik FRANKLIN*
17.559 Assessing Florida and Hawai'i coral reef ecosystem health using a GPS-based underwater video mapping system Paul AYERS*, Rebecca MESSER
17.560 Comparison of a Benthic Terrain Model to Benthic Habitat Classification Maps of Moloka‘i, Hawai‘i, USA Susan A COCHRAN*
17.561 GIS technology as a tool to improve coastal resource management Kim BALDWIN*, Ramon ROACH
17.562 Modelling susceptibility of coral reefs to environmental stress using remote sensing data and GIS models Joseph MAINA*, Valentijn VENUS, Tim MCCLANAHAN, Ateweberhan MEBRAHTU
17.563 Development of a Hybrid Mapping Tool (HMT) for the characterisation of coral reef landscapes Samuel PURKIS*, Kevin KOHLER, Steven ROHMANN
17.564 Classification of coral reefs multispectral remote sensing images using classifiers combination based in support vector machines (SVM) Antônio HENRIQUES, Adrião NETO, Ricardo AMARAL*
17.565 Different pigments composition can influence the remote sensing reflectance of Caribbean shallow-water coral species Juan TORRES*, Roy ARMSTRONG
17.566 A New Method for Monitoring Along-Track Topographic Complexity Monica PALASEANU-LOVEJOY*, John BROCK, Kristi FOSTER, Amar NAYEGANDHI, David NAGLE
17.567 Assessing patterns of patch reef distribution in the Lower Florida Keys, USA, using IKONOS satellite imagery Melanie PETERS*, David PALANDRO, Pamela HALLOCK-MULLER, Eugene SHINN
17.568 Sea surface temperature trend in the Coral Triangle in two decades Eileen PEÑAFLOR*, William SKIRVING, Scott HERON, Laura DAVID
17.569 Regional-scale seagrass habitat mapping in the Wider Caribbean region Colette WABNITZ*, Serge ANDREFOUET, Damaris TORRES-PULLIZA, Frank MUELLER KARGER, Philip KRAMER
17.570 NASA Airborne AVIRIS and DCS Remote Sensing of Coral Reefs Liane GUILD*, Brad LOBITZ, Roy ARMSTRONG, Fernando GILBES, Art GLEASON, James GOODMAN, Eric HOCHBERG, Mark MONACO, Randall BERTHOLD, Jeremy KERR
17.571 NOAA Coral Reef Watch: Global satellite monitoring for coral bleaching conditions C. Mark EAKIN*, Tyler R.L. CHRISTENSEN, Dwight K. GLEDHILL, Scott F. HERON, Gang LIU, Jessica A. MORGAN, William J. SKIRVING, Alan E. STRONG
17.572 Remote sensing for coral mapping in Nha Trang Bay Tong PHUOC HOANG SON, Tong PHUOC HOANG SON*
17.573 Determination of Water Depth from IKONOS and QuickBird Satellite Imagery Donald FIELD*, Amit MALHOTRA
17.574 Mapping Coral Reef Benthic Communities with High Spatial Resolution Image Data Ian LEIPER*, Stuart PHINN, Chris ROELFSEMA
17.575 Pre-Processing of 2005 AVIRIS Data for Coral Reef Analysis brad LOBITZ*, liane GUILD, marcos MONTES, roy ARMSTRONG, James GOODMAN
17.576 Use of Aerial Photographs and Acoustic Techniques for Mapping Benthic Marine Communities of Martinique Helene LEGRAND*, Ian SOTHERAN, Robert FOSTER-SMITH, Cécile PERES, Yann ROUSSEAU, Philippe LENFANT, René GALZIN, Jean-Philippe MARECHAL
17.577 Deep ATRIS: A New Towed System for Unobtrusive Mapping of Benthic Habitats and Organisms David G. ZAWADA*, Philip THOMPSON, Jerry BUTCHER
17.578 Using remotely sensed LIDAR data to examine the relationship between habitat complexity and fish assemblage structure in Hawaii Lisa WEDDING*, Alan FRIEDLANDER
17.579 Image Time Series Analysis for the Inference of Coral Reef Ecosystem Health Alicia SIMONTI*, Ronald EASTMAN, John ROGAN
17.580 Remote Sensing of Seagrass Biomass in Case of Spectrally Variable Bottom Types Ele VAHTMÄE*, Tiit KUTSER*
17.581 Sun glint correction for hyperspectral shallow water imagery Tiit KUTSER*, Ele VAHTMÄE
17.582 Mapping a Path Reef Area in Detail Using Small-Format Aerial Photographs (SFAF) and Handy GPS in North-Eastern Brazil Ricardo AMARAL*, Filipe LIMA, Luiz GONÇALVES
17.583 Life after Death: Pleistocene reefs of Sisal; Yucatan Shelf Salvador ZARCO-PERELLÓ*, Joaquín Rodrigo GARZA-PEREZ, Nuno SIMOES, Maite MASCARO-MIQUELAJAUREGUI, Xavier CHIAPPA-CARRARA
17.584 Satellite imagery as a predictor for diversity and abundance of reef fish in Diego Garcia (Chagos Archipelago) Samuel PURKIS*, Nick GRAHAM, Bernhard RIEGL
17.585 A hyperspectral remote sensing campaign in southwestern Puerto Rico with multiple environmental applications James GOODMAN, Carmen ZAYAS*, Samuel ROSARIO, Orian TZADIK, Fernando GILBES
17.586 Use of Geospatial Technologies in the Assessment of Coral Reefs and Abalone Distribution in Sagay Marine Reserve, Central Philippines Armi May TORRECHILLA, Armi May TORRECHILLA*
17.587 A hyperspectral, remote-sensing approach to spectral discrimination of marine habitats at Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia Nicole PINNEL*, Halina KOBRYN, Thomas HEEGE, Matt HARVEY, Lynnath BECKLEY
17.588 Changes in spectral reflectance in response to salinity variation in Siderastrea radians from Florida Bay, Florida USA. Michael DURAKO*, Kathryn CHARTRAND
17.589 A Pan-Sharpening Method for Coral Reef Monitoring with Higher Accuracy Hiroshi HANAIZUMI*, Mizue AKIBA, Hiroya YAMANO, Tsuneo MATSUNAGA
17.590 An Integrative Spatial Decision Support System Hrishi PATEL, Suchi GOPAL*, Les KAUFMANN
17.591 Abstract Linda KNOECK*, Sam PURKIS, Bernhard RIEGL
17.592 A Spectral Linear Mixing Model and Analyses Of Mixed Pixels, Broward County (Florida) Adrienne CARTER*
17.594 Investigating the potential of monitoring coral reef using unmixing of spaceborne hyperspectral imagery Tamir CARAS*, Arnon KARNIELI, Eyal BEN-DOR, Geoff MEADEN