Mini-Symposium 16:
Ecosystem Assessment and Monitoring of Coral Reefs - New Technologies and Approaches

Poster Presentations: Monday, July 7, 2008 16:00 - 18:00 Exhibit Hall A-D (Click on presentation title to view abstract)
POSTER BOARD # TITLE AUTHORS (* indicates Presenting Author)
16.530 Satellite detection of low wind events conducive to mass coral bleaching: the NOAA Coral Reef Watch Experimental Doldrums Product Dwight GLEDHILL*, T.R.L. CHRISTENSEN, L.J. GRAMER, R.K. HOEKE, R. IGLESIAS, Derek MANZELLO, C.M. EAKIN, W.J. SKIRVING, G. LIU, S.F. HERON, J.A. MORGAN, A.E. STRONG
16.530A New Approach for Coral Surface Area Calculation Using Computerized Tomography and 3D Modelling Wolfgang NIGGL, Malik NAUMANN, Christian GLASER,Christian WILD, Christian LAFORSCH
16.531 Semi-automatic patch outlines and cover classification from marine benthic communities Nuria TEIXIDO*, Emilie COLLEU, Didier BOLBO, Joaquim GARRABOU
16.532 Development and implementation of a marine monitoring program in the National Park Service Pacific Island Network (PACN) using a split panel design Eric BROWN*, Larry BASCH, Jim BEETS, Peter CRAIG, Raychelle DANIEL, Kimber DEVERSE, Gordon DICUS, Alan FRIEDLANDER, Fritz KLASNER, Tahzay JONES, Dwayne MINTON, Allison SNYDER
16.534 The Installation of a Coral Reef Early Warning System (CREWS) Monitoring Station Jules CRAYNOCK*, Michael SHOEMAKER, Nancy ASH, Mike JANKULAK, James HENDEE
16.535 Coral Point Count with Excel Extensions (CPCe) V3.5: Improvements to software for the analysis of coral and substrate coverage using the random point count method and planar area calculation Kevin KOHLER*
16.536 The Construction Process of a Coral Reef Early Warning System (CREWS) Pylon Michael SHOEMAKER*, Jules CRAYNOCK, Manuel COLLAZO, James HENDEE
16.537 Getting to the point: accuracy assessment of point counting to monitor degrading reefs Eric PANTE*, Phillip DUSTAN
16.538 Coral Literature Education and Outreach, CLEO Linda PIKULA*, Erica RULE, Derek MANZELLO
16.539 VDMS Archiving and Providing Online Access to the NOAA Ocean Exploration Digital Video and Image Data on Deep Corals Anna FIOLEK, Janice BEATTIE, Eileen MCVEY, Linda PIKULA*
16.540 The Instrumental Architecture of a Coral Reef Early Warning System (CREWS) Station Mike JANKULAK*, Michael SHOEMAKER, James HENDEE
16.541 The Minimum Sampling Effort for Monitoring Coral Reefs Applying the Video-Transect Igor CRUZ*, Ruy KIKUCHI, Zelinda LEAO
16.542 Improved intermittent flow respirometry - comparison of the metabolic rates of coral reef and temperate scorpaenid fishes Marian-Alexander MERCKENS*, Andreas KUNZMANN
16.543 CoralWatch: A Flexible Coral Bleaching Monitoring Tool for You and Your Group Justin MARSHALL, Dave LOGAN*, Ulrike SIEBECK, Ove HOEGH-GULDBERG, Joanne MARSTON, Jenny Miller GARMENDIA, Ania BUDZIAK
16.544 Mapping the Spatial Characteristics of Acropora Populations: Barry DEVINE*, Pedro NIEVES
16.545 A direct physiological approach to coral bleaching detection: meaning for managers? Derek MANZELLO*, James HENDEE, Erik STABENAU, Michael LESSER, Mark WARNER
16.546 Investigations of the deep reef environment of Palau, 60-600 m Patrick COLIN*, Lori BELL-COLIN
16.547 Coral Reef Information System (CoRIS): A One Stop Shop for Coral Information Kelly LOGAN, Michele NEWLIN*
16.548 Use of marine habitat mapping and dive observation of marine turtles to identify feeding areas in Martinique, FWI Laurent LOUIS-JEAN*, Philippe LENFANT, René GALZIN, Claire CAYOL, Jean-Philippe MARÉCHAL
16.549 Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems: a new on-line resource database for research in the mesophotic zone Pim BONGAERTS*, Felix MARTINEZ
16.550 Methodological proposal of cartography of mexican pacific coral reefs Carlos CANDELARIA*, Norma CORADO-NAVA, Manuel OSEGUERA, Emmanuel TEYSSIER, Magali HONEY, Andres OCAMPO
16.551 Coral Bleaching Response Plan for South Florida’s Reefs: A Florida Reef Resilience Project Rowena GARCIA*, Meaghan JOHNSON, Philip KRAMER
16.551A Coral Surface Area Estimation by Computer Tomography – Comparison with Established Methods and Application in Ecological Studies Malik NAUMANN, Wolfgang NIGGL, Christian LAFORSCH, Christoph MAYR, Christian GLASER, Christian WILD
16.552 Fishbone transect: A new hybrid methodology for spatio-temporal characterization of macrobenthos on hard surfaces Diego COSTA*, David BÉLANGER, André SANTOS, Sheila RAFI, Natalia VIEIRA, Carlos PERÉZ
16.552A A simple, low-cost system for determining high resolution particle distributions on coral reefs Alex WYATT, Roger NOKES, Stuart HUMPHRIES, Anya WAITE