Mini-Symposium 14:
Reef Connectivity

Poster Presentations: Monday, July 7, 2008 16:00 - 18:00 Exhibit Hall A-D (Click on presentation title to view abstract)
POSTER BOARD # TITLE AUTHORS (* indicates Presenting Author)
14.432 Gene flow of Symbiodinium on the Great Barrier Reef is limited and primarily mediated by sea circulation patterns Emily HOWELLS*, Madeleine VAN OPPEN, Bette WILLIS
14.433 Testing natural markers in otoliths from known-origin larvae of coral reef fish Michael BERUMEN*, Harvey WALSH, Serge PLANES, Geoffrey JONES, Simon THORROLD
14.434 Temporal Variations of Mangroves, Soft Bottoms and Coral Reefs Shorefishes Assemblages within a Lagoon Seascape, New Caledonia Laurent WANTIEZ*, Michel KULBICKI
14.435 Are Montastraea faveolata populations connected along the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System? Isabel PORTO*, Camilo SALAZAR, Tonya SHEARER
14.436 Zoanthid Connectivity at Different Spatial Scales Alberto ACOSTA*, Natalia MANRIQUE, Maria VARELA, Manuel RUIZ
14.437 A Comparison of Reef Fish Assemblages on the East and West Sides of Eleuthera, Bahamas Robert B. PATTERSON*, Lance K. B. JORDAN, David R. BRYAN, Richard E. SPIELER
14.438 Using Species Assemblages to Define Reef Fish Populations in the Bohol Sea, Central Philippines Brian STOCKWELL*
14.439 Genetic connectivity of coral reef fish populations in the Red Sea Tawfiq FROUKH*, Marc KOCHZIUS
14.440 Twenty years of measured exposure. The duration and extent of anthropogenically polluted plume waters and consequences for the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Michelle DEVLIN*, Jon BRODIE, Mirjam MAUGHAN
14.441 Population Genetics of Spotted Seahorses (Hippocampus kuda) in Thai Waters Thadsin PANITHANARAK*, Ratima KARUWANCHAROEN, Uthairat NA-NAKORN, Thuy NGUYEN
14.442 Population genetic study of Acropora digitifera using microsatellite markers in Sekisei Reef Yuichi NAKAJIMA*, Akira NISHIKAWA, Kazuhiko SAKAI
14.443 Coral Recruits to Settlement Plates at Remote Locations throughout the U.S. Pacific Jean KENYON*
14.444 Variation in spatial and temporal coral recruitment patterns on Fijian reefs Norman QUINN*, Barbara KOJIS
14.445 The swimming ability and behaviour of coral larval: how these affect retention and dispersion? Valeria PIZARRO*, Jeremy C. THOMASON
14.446 Population Structure of the Mediterranean Solitary Coral Balanophyllia europaea Jillian MANSFIELD*, Stefano GOFFREDO, Mary Alice COFFROTH
14.447 Strong genetic structure of the widespread coral Acropora hyacinthus in the peripheral region of Indo-Pacific reefs Go SUZUKI*, Takeshi HAYASHIBARA, Yoshihisa SHIRAYAMA, Hironobu FUKAMI
14.448 Population Structure of The Redbelly Yellow Tail Fusilier, Caesio cuning, (Perciformes, Lutjanidae) Sinta PARDEDE, Paul BARBER*, Kent CARPENTER
14.449 Mitochondrial Phylogeography of javascript:setValue(document.forms[0],'');UpdateCharCounts(document.frmUpload)Acanthaster plancijavascript:setValue(document.forms[0],'');UpdateCharCounts(document.frmUpload) (L.) Across the Indo-Pacific Region: Does the Strong Genetic Break Reveal an Ongoing Speciation? Karin GÉRARD*, Nina YASUDA, Kazuo NADAOKA, Satoshi NAGAI, Jean-Pierre FÉRAL
14.450 Tracking multiple fish species' movements among multiple habitats: The Florida Atlantic Coast Telemetry Array (FACT). Samantha WHITCRAFT*, Craig FAUNCE, Eric REYIER, David SABIN, Christina CONRATH, John LAMKIN, Craig LAYMAN
14.451 Comparative phylogeography of three endangered giant clam species across the Coral Triangle Timery DEBOER*, Matthew SUBIA, Pak AMBARIYANTO, Mark ERDMANN, Katie KOVITVONGSA, Paul BARBER
14.452 Population Analysis of the Hermatypic Coral Galaxea fascicularis in Southwestern Japan Toshiki WATANABE*, Yuta SUZUKI, Hirohiko TAKESHIMA, Mutsumi NISHIDA, Mineo OKAMOTO, Mariko ABE, Michio HIDAKA
14.453 Genetic Diversity and Clonal Structure of the Cold-water Coral Lophelia pertusa in NE Skagerrak Mikael DAHL*, Carl ANDRÉ
14.454 Regional specific relationships of species in the genus Favia Hironobu FUKAMI*, Keiichi NOMURA, Kenji IWAO, Takeshi HAYASHIBARA, Go SUZUKI, Fumihito IWASE, Nancy KNOWLTON
14.455 Population genetic structure of the crown-of-thorns starfish, Acanthaster planci (L.) across Indo-Pacific: Genetic evidence for the secondary outbreaks? Nina YASUDA*, Satoshi NAGAI, Masami HAMAGUCHI, Lian CHUNLAN, Ken OKAJI, Karin GERARD, Kazuo NADAOKA
14.456 Genetic connectivity of Acropora palmata across the Mesoamerican Reef System, Panama, Puerto Rico and Venezuela. Ainhoa LEON ZUBILLAGA*, Tonya SHEARER, Carolina BASTIDAS
14.457 Undirect evidences on the connectivity of coral reefs of the Gulf of Mexico Alejandra CHÁVEZ-HIDALGO*, Gustavo DE LA CRUZ-AGÜERO, Ernesto A. CHÁVEZ
14.458 The Molecular Population Structure of the Crown-of-thorns starfish, Acanthaster planci, across the Hawaiian Archipelago and the two Closest Island Neighbors, Johnston Atoll and Kingman Reef Molly TIMMERS*, Robert TOONEN, Misaki TAKABAYASHI, Marta DEMAINTENON
14.459 Seagrass-coral reef connectivity: A case study on reef fishes migration in North Sulawesi, Indonesia Augy SYAHAILATUA*, Jemmy SOUHOKA
14.460 Phylogeography of the endemic scleractinian Cladocora caespitosa (L., 1767) in the northern Mediterranean Sea Fabrizio STEFANI*, Francesca BENZONI, Paolo GALLI
14.461 On the trail of a voracious predator – the phylogeography of Acanthaster planci Catherine VOGLER*, Paul BARBER, John BENZIE, Gert WÖRHEIDE
14.462 The smell of leaves helps coral reef clownfish find island homes Danielle L. DIXSON*, Geoffery P. JONES, Serge PLANES, Morgan S. PRATCHETT, Maya SRINIVASAN, Craig SYMS, Simon R. THORROLD
14.463 Reef Connectivity of Marine Reserves in Central Philippines as Determined Using Fish Mitochondrial DNA Amida Diwata MACANSANTOS*, Hilconida CALUMPONG, Ma. Rio NAGUIT, Jacinta LUCAÑAS, Janet ESTACION, Adonis FLOREN
14.465 Genetic Structure of the Giant Clam, Tridacna crocea As Indicator of Connectivity Among MPAs in Central Philippines Maria Rio NAGUIT*, Hilconida CALUMPONG, Janet ESTACION, Amida Diwata MACANSANTOS
14.466 South east African, high-latitude coral communities, a canary for western Indian Ocean coral reefs? Angus MACDONALD*, Michael SCHLEYER, Jennifer LAMB
14.467 Using a multi-locus technique to assess population genetic structure and infer dispersal patterns in adult populations of the temperate coral Oculina arbuscula. Daniel BRAZEAU*, Daniel GLEASON
14.468 Genetic structure of the giant barrel sponge Xestospongia muta in Northern Caribbean Susanna LOPEZ-LEGENTIL*, Joseph PAWLIK
14.469 Pelagic larval durations and settlement size in the Western Atlantic Lutjanus spp. Benjamin VICTOR*
14.470 Recent Invasion Of The Tropical Western Atlantic By An Indo-Pacific Deep-Sea Snapper Tonatiuh TREJO-CANTWELL*, Brian W. BOWEN
14.471 Glass sponge reefs on the Canadian continental shelf: Population structure and reproduction Andia CHAVES-FONNEGRA*, Sally P. LEYS
14.472 Understanding potential patterns of larval dispersal from grouper spawning aggregations – drifter vial studies from Raja Ampat Islands, eastern Indonesia Joanne WILSON*, Peter MOUS, Chris ROTINSULU, Andreas MULJADI
14.473 Scale-dependent variability in larval supply in coastal Kenya: towards estimating connectivity of reef sites James MWALUMA, Boaz KAUNDA-ARARA*, Melckzedeck OSORE, Vidar ORESLAND
14.474 Population Genetic Structure of the Scleractinian Coral Seriatopora hystrix on the Great Barrier Reef as Revealed by Microsatellites: Patterns of Reproduction and Dispersal Elke MAIER*, Ralph TOLLRIAN, Beate NÜRNBERGER
14.475 RACE TO THE REEF: Tracking reef fish from open ocean to nursery habitats to coral reefs and back again… Samantha WHITCRAFT*, John LAMKIN
14.477 Zonation of Mesophotic Reefs in the Bahamas John REED*, Shirley POMPONI, Robert GINSBURG
14.478 Geographic differentiation and mass mortalities of a Mediterranean symbiotic gorgonian: Eunicella singularis Jérôme CATANÉO*, Paola FURLA, Denis ALLEMAND, Didier FORCIOLI
14.479 Underwater corridors as an option to the fragmentation of marine natural spaces Evelio VALEIRAS*, Evelio VALEIRAS
14.480 Corridors and Recruitment of Coral Reef Fishes Ethan MACHEMER*, John WALTER, David KERSTETTER
14.481 Seasonal Variation and Spatial Distribution Patterns of Echinodermata Larvae in La Parguera, Puerto Rico, with an Emphasis on Diadema antillarum Larvae Stacey WILLIAMS, Jorge GARCIA-SAIS, Brandi TODD*
14.482 Microsatellite analysis of population structure in coral Montastraea faveolata from Mexican Caribbean José Héctor LARA ARENAS*, Renata Bárbara RIVERA MADRID, Jesús Ernesto ARIAS GONZÁLEZ
14.483 Influences of wind-wave exposure on the distribution and abundance of recruit reef fishes on back reefs at Kure and Pearl & Hermes atolls, NWHI Brian J. ZGLICZYNSKI*, Edward E. DEMARTINI, Raymond C. BOLAND, Alan M. FRIEDLANDER
14.484 Community-based MPA in Fiji affords reasonable protection to Lethrinids Rikki GROBER-DUNSMORE*, Victor BONITO, Team KABATIA
14.486 Patterns of Genetic Variation of the Corallimorpharian, Ricordea florida Luis RODRIGUEZ, Hernan TORRES-PRATTS*, Tania LADO-INSUA, Nikolaos SCHIZAS
14.487 Fine-scale population structure of Symbiodinium associated with the common Caribbean sea fan Gorgonia ventalina in the Florida Keys Nathan KIRK*, Jason ANDRAS, Mary Alice COFFROTH
14.488 Genetic Structure of the Massive Coral Porites panamensis (Anthozoa: Scleractinia) from the Mexican Pacific David Arturo PAZ-GARCÍA*, Francisco CORREA-SANDOVAL, Héctor Efrain CHÁVEZ-ROMO, Hector REYES-BONILLA, Ramón Andres LÓPEZ-PÉREZ, Pedro MEDINA-ROSAS, Martha Patricia HERNÁNDEZ-CORTÉS
14.489 Genetic Structure of a Scleractinian Coral, Pocillopora damicornis, in the Mexican Pacific Héctor Efraín CHÁVEZ-ROMO*, Francisco CORREA-SANDOVAL, David Arturo PAZ-GARCÍA, Hector REYES-BONILLA, Ramón Andrés LÓPEZ PÉREZ, Pedro MEDINA-ROSAS, Martha Patricia HERNÁNDEZ-CORTÉS
14.490 Genetic Variation in two Morphotypes of Porites panamensis from the Gulf of California, Mexico David Arturo PAZ-GARCÍA*, Hector REYES-BONILLA, Martha Patricia HERNÁNDEZ-CORTÉS
14.491 Distributions and diversity hot-spots of gobies and blennies throughout the tropical western Atlantic: implications for managing Caribbean reef fish diversity Christy PATTENGILL-SEMMENS*, Peter AUSTER, Brice SEMMENS
14.492 Genetic Connectivity in the Branching Vase Sponge (Callyspongia vaginalis) Across the Florida Reef Tract and Caribbean M. B. DEBIASSE*, V. P. RICHARDS, M. S. SHIVJI
14.493 Stuck in a Hole: Extreme Differences in Genetic Differentiation between Closely Related Caribbean Tube Blennies Ron I. EYTAN*, Michael E. HELLBERG
14.494 Ichthyoplankton Assemblages in Atolls along Cagayan Ridge, Sulu Sea, Philippines Wilfredo CAMPOS*, Pacifico BELDIA
14.496 Distribution of the hermatypic corals in Dongshan, Fujian Province, China and the possible link to the tropical warm current Kuroshio Jiansheng LIAN*, Hui HUANG, Jianhui YANG, Xiubao LI
14.497 Genetic population structure in a widely distributed tropical species of sea cucumber, Holothuria (Halodeima) atra. Timothy WERNER*, Derek SKILLINGS, Benita CHICK
14.498 Human Exploitation of Invertebrates in Seagrass Meadows in East-Africa Lina NORDLUND*, Johan ERLANDSSON, Martin GULLSTROM
14.499 Do mangroves and seagrass beds contribute to coral reef fish productivity in the Indo-Pacific? Richard UNSWORTH*, Pelayo SALINAS DE LEON, James BELL, Samantha GARRARD, David SMITH
14.500 Genetic connectivity of Siganus fuscescens populations along the northwest Luzon coast based on microsatellite data Rachel RAVAGO GOTANCO*, Candice LUMIBAO, Ma. Josefa PANTE
14.501 Genetic Evidence Supports Larval Retention in the Western Caribbean for an Invertebrate with High Dispersal Capability (Ophiothrix suensonii: Echinodermata, Ophiuroidea) Vince RICHARDS*, Mahmood SHIVJI
14.502 Contribution of Mangrove Nursery Habitats to Replenishment of Adult Reef Fish Populations in Southern Florida David JONES*, John WALTER, Joe SERAFY
14.503 Genetic Structure in Coral Recruitment: Evidence of Extreme Patchiness in Settlement. Daniel BRAZEAU*, Paul SAMMARCO, Amy ATCHISON
14.504 First description of a southwestern Gulf of Mexico reefs Horacio PÉREZ-ESPAÑA*, Juan Manuel VARGAS HERNÁNDEZ, Sarahi GÓMEZ VILLADA, Jacobo SANTANDER MONSALVO, Miguel Ángel LOZANO ABURTO, Alexandra ALVAREZ DEL CASTILLO CÁRDENAS, Miguel Ángel ROMÁN VÍVES
14.505 The contribution of coastline complexity and embayment attributes to larval dispersal patterns in several areas around Philippine waters Cesar VILLANOY, Marites CANTO*, Erlinda SALAMANTE
14.506 Preliminary characterization of the deep reef fish communities and their connectivity with shallow water reefs in southwest Puerto Rico Ivonne BEJARANO*, Richard S. APPELDOORN, Michael NEMETH, Héctor RUÍZ, Clark SHERMAN, Milton CARLO
14.507 Genetic variation of the hydrocoral Millepora alcicornis across the Caribbean Dannise RUIZ RAMOS*, Nikolaos SCHIZAS
14.508 Population structure in the brown tube sponge (Agelas conifera) in the Florida reef tract and Caribbean J.M. HESTER*, V.P. RICHARDS, K. FELDHEIM, M.S. SHIVJI
14.509 Corals From Sisal Reefs System, Northwest Campeche Bank, Mexico: A Potential Role on the Caribbean-Gulf of Mexico Connectivity? Catarina CÚCIO*, Maite MASCARÓ, Xavier CHIAPPA, Nuno SIMÕES
14.510 Contrasting phylogeography in three endemic Hawaiian limpets (Cellana spp.) with similar life histories Christopher BIRD*, Brenden HOLLAND, Brian BOWEN, Robert TOONEN
14.511 Interspecific and intraspecific genetic variation in deep-sea octocorals Amy BACO-TAYLOR*, Juan ARMANDO SÁNCHEZ, Stephen CAIRNS
14.512 Standardizing AMOVA results for use in comparative phylogenetic studies Christopher BIRD*, Stephen KARL, Robert TOONEN
14.513 Range expansion of an introduced coral: Investigating the source and ecological impact of the invasion Tonya SHEARER*