Mini-Symposium 13:
Evolution and Conservation of Coral Reef Ecosystems

Poster Presentations: Monday, July 7, 2008 16:00 - 18:00 Exhibit Hall A-D (Click on presentation title to view abstract)
POSTER BOARD # TITLE AUTHORS (* indicates Presenting Author)
13.418 Dispersal without errors: symmetrical ears tune into the right frequency for survival Monica GAGLIANO*, Martial DEPCZYNSKI, Stephen SIMPSON, James MOORE
13.419 Corallivorous microparasites and the potential of invasion from the marine ornamental trade Eric BORNEMAN*
13.420 Synthesis of Conservation Initiatives in Cagayan Ridge, Phillippines: Lessons, Gaps and Challenge Vivien FACUNLA*, Sheila VERGARA
13.422 Evolution of anemonefishes (Amphiprioninae, Pomacentridae): Species boundaries in the Indo-Malay Archipelago Janne TIMM*, Malgorzata FIGIEL, Marc KOCHZIUS
13.423 The Origins and Fate of Reef Island Sediments Deirdre HART*
13.424 Recruitment Dynamics of the Three-spot Damselfish, Dascyllus trimaculatus, in Moorea, French Polynesia Ricardo BELDADE*, Sally HOLBROOK, Russell SCHMITT, Giacomo BERNARDI
13.425 Population connectivity of the gulf coney, Epinephelus acanthistius, in the northern Sea of Cortez Ricardo BELDADE*, Pete RAIMONDI, Richard CUDNEY, Giacomo BERNARDI
13.426 Hybridization dynamics in a threatened Caribbean coral genus, Acropora Nicole FOGARTY*
13.427 Genetic Links Between Adult Size and Larval Quality in a Coral-Reef Fish Darren JOHNSON*, Flower MOYE, Mark CHRISTIE, Mark HIXON
13.428 Application of the Neutral Theory to Reef Fish Trophic Groups Elizabeth H. M. TYLER*, Andrea MANICA
13.429 The Introduction of Lutjanus kasmira to the Hawaiian Islands: Using genetics to investigate an invasion Michelle GAITHER*, Serge PLANES, Rob TOONEN, Ross ROBERTSON, John CHOAT, Vanessa MESSMER, Brian BOWEN
13.430 Communities and Nature Bond – “Adopt the Coral” in Les Village, Bali-Indonesia Fransiska PRIHADI*, Cipto Aji GUNAWAN
13.431 Ancestral Foundations and Geomorphology in Conserving Habitats and Communities of the Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia Emily TWIGGS*, Lindsay COLLINS