Mini-Symposium 10:
Ecological Processes on Today's Reef Ecosystems

Poster Presentations: Thursday, July 10, 2008 16:00 - 18:00 Exhibit Hall A-D (Click on presentation title to view abstract)
POSTER BOARD # TITLE AUTHORS (* indicates Presenting Author)
10.256 Effects of alternate coral reef states on attraction, settlement and subsequent survival of marine invertebrate and fish larvae David LECCHINI*, Pascal DUMAS, Suzanne MILLS, Eric PARMENTIER, Bernard BANAIGS, Dominique PONTON
10.257 Abundance, distribution and taxonomic composition of juvenile scleractinian corals in coral frameworks at the Islas del Rosario archipelago, Colombian Caribbean Tomás LÓPEZ*, Raúl NAVAS-CAMACHO, Diego L. GIL-AGUDELO
10.258 Coral recruitment on reefs with intact fish communities: early results & hypotheses Daniel BRUMBAUGH, Katherine HOLMES*, Robert STENECK, Suzanne ARNOLD, Douglas MCCAULEY, Hillary YOUNG
10.259 &[Prime] Effects of Herbivory and Season of Clearing on Species Composition and Algal Succession in a Tropical Intertidal Shore&[Prime] What have we been doing? Jaruwan MAYAKUN*, Jeong Ha KIM, Anchana PRATHEP
10.260 Algal Response to Herbivore Exclusion and Nutrient Enrichment on Coral Reefs; Insights into the Resource Allocation Patterns. Jaruwan MAYAKUN*, Anchana PRATHEP, Jeong Ha KIM, Brian Edward LAPOINTE
10.261 Influence of Palythoa caribaeorum (Anthozoa, Cnidaria) patches on reef fish community in subtropical rocky shores José P. MENDONÇA-NETO, Laís C. T. CHAVES*, Carlos E. L. FERREIRA, Cassiano MONTEIRO-NETO, Renato C. PEREIRA
10.262 Reproductive fitness consequences of parrotfish predation on a tropical reef-building coral: small damage, large consequence Randi ROTJAN*, Sara LEWIS
10.263 Evolutionary Ecology of Sponge-Cyanobacteria Symbioses Robert THACKER*, Patrick ERWIN
10.264 Growth strategy of a dominant reef-building coral in the southern Caribbean: Agaricia tenuifolia Silvia CACERES*, Juan Armando SANCHEZ
10.265 Zoantharia Habitat Preference Depending on Host Sponge Morphology Alberto ACOSTA*, Javier MONTENEGRO*
10.266 Contrasting Effects of Benthic Algae on Coral Recruits in an Upwelling Reef from the Colombian Caribbean Dagoberto VENERA-PONTON, Guillermo DIAZ-PULIDO, Laurence MCCOOK, Alejandro RANGEL-CAMPO
10.267 Coral recruitment around southern Taiwan YI-TING JHENG*, Tung-Yung FAN
10.268 Bioecological Study of Eightband butterflyfish (Chaetodon octofasciatus, Bloch 1787) to Detect Condition of Coral Reef Ecosystem in East Petondan Island, Seribu Islands, Indonesia Hawis MADDUPPA*, Neviaty PUTRI ZAMANI, Unggul AKTANI
10.269 Variation in coral and macroalgae recruitment at the Coral Beach Nature Reserve, Eilat, northern Red Sea: A case of competition for settling space? David ZAKAI*, Zvy DUBINSKY, Noga STAMBLER
10.270 Some sponges don’t bleach Christine SCHÖNBERG*, Ryota SUWA, Michio HIDAKA, William Kok Weng LOH
10.271 Probing into hard substrates – growth habits of bioeroding sponges Christine SCHÖNBERG*, Lydia BEUCK
10.272 Impact of the invasive native algae Caulerpa sertularioides on coral reef communities in Culebra Bay, Costa Rica (Eastern Pacific) Cindy FERNÁNDEZ*, Juan José ALVARADO, Jorge CORTÉS
10.273 Effect of Hurricane John (2006) on Invertebrates Associated with Coral in Bahía de La Paz, Gulf of California Luis HERNANDEZ, Eduardo BALART*
10.274 Factors Influencing Coral Recruitment Patterns in the Sulu Sea Marine Corridors Jeneen GARCIA*, Porfirio ALINO
10.275 Herbivory is the primary promoter of coral health on Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles Joost DEN HAAN*, Ramon DE LEON, Emily MCGRATH, Rudi ROIJACKERS, Marten SCHEFFER, Robert STENECK
10.276 Anthropogenic influence on macroalgal nutrient dynamics - implications for potential bottom-up effects on secondary production in the Western Indian Ocean Gustaf LILLIESKÖLD SJÖÖ*, Erik MÖRK
10.277 Top-down and bottom-up regulation of coral reef macroalgal communities in a gradient of anthropogenic influence off the Kenyan coast Erik MÖRK*, Gustaf LILLIESKÖLD SJÖÖ, Nils KAUTSKY, Tim MCCLANAHAN
10.278 Defining fundamental niche dimensions of corals: synergistic effects of colony size, light and flow Mia HOOGENBOOM*, Sean CONNOLLY
10.279 Density Effects on Grouping Behavior and Habitat Associations of Recruit Reef Fishes in Hawaii: Contrasts between Years and among Species Edward DEMARTINI*, Todd ANDERSON, Alan FRIEDLANDER, Jim BEETS
10.280 Substratum utilization and space competition with reef corals by the Caribbean excavating sponge Cliona delitrix Andia CHAVES-FONNEGRA*, Sven ZEA
10.281 The Effect of Predatory Disturbance on Spatial Arrangement in Cryptocentrus singapurensis (Herre, 1936) Rebecca SHELL, Craig SYMS*
10.282 The Role of the Ecological Factors Interacting in The Colombian Coral Reef Algal Community Martha DÍAZ-RUIZ*, Guillermo DIAZ-PULIDO, Alejandro RANGEL-CAMPO, Lenin FLOREZ-LEIVA, Dagoberto VENERA-PONTÓN
10.283 Spatio-temporal patterns in coral settlement on an exposed shoreline in Hawaii: The influence of current, proximity to a river source and sediment discharge levels. Eric BROWN*, Alan FRIEDLANDER, Curt STORLAZZI, Carl BERG
10.284 Spatial Variation in Reef Fish Foraging Substratum Use: Ecological and Functional Implications João Paulo KRAJEWSKI*, Roberta BONALDO, Paulo GUIMARÃES JR, Sergio FLOETER
10.285 Matrix approach to understanding the ecology and population dynamics of the demosponge Desmapsamma anchorata Elizabeth MCLEAN*
10.287 Lost of Marine Species at Casa Caiada Beach (Olinda - Pernambuco), Brazil Mara FISNER*, Carmen MEDEIROS
10.288 Assessment of the Model Hydrozoan, Hydractinia echinata, as a Surrogate for Coral Early-life Stage Toxicity Assessments Marion NIPPER*, R. Scott CARR, Misti GROHMANN
10.289 Dispersal of Coral Larvae with respect to Egg Buoyancy and Relative Effects of Wind-driven Surface Currents Masako NAKAMURA*, Kazuhiko SAKAI
10.290 Spatial trends of macrobenthic community on reef-associated sea-grass beds in coastal area Weno Isl. Chuuk State, FSM. PARK HEUNG SIK*, PAIK SANG GYU
10.291 Feeding Macroecology of Territorial Damselfishes (Perciformes: Pomacentridae) Sergio FLOETER*, Diego BARNECHE, Carlos FERREIRA, Daniela CECCARELLI, Daniella FRENSEL, Daniel DINSLAKEN
10.292 Spatial distribution patterns of pomacentrid fishes before settlement on a fringing coral reef Takuro SHIBUNO*, Yohei NAKAMURA, Yoshiro WATANABE
10.293 Spatial distribution patterns of pre- and post-settlement chaetodonid and lethrinid fishes on a fringing coral reef Yohei NAKAMURA*, Takuro SHIBUNO, Yoshiro WATANABE
10.294 Impacts of sediment on coral recruitment at Koh Samui, The Gulf of Thailand Sittiporn PENGSAKUN*, Wanlaya KLINTHONG, Kanwara SANGMANEE, Thamasak YEEMIN
10.295 Spatio-temporal patterns of coral recruitment in the Bolinao-Anda reef complex, northwestern Philippines Maria Vanessa BARIA*, Porfirio ALIÑO, James GUEST, Andrew HEYWARD
10.296 Prey selectivity of Coralliophila abbreviata and C. caribaea (Coralliophillidae, Neogastropoda) in Morrocoy National Park, Venezuela. An experimental approach. Carlos DEL MONACO*, Estrella VILLAMIZAR, Samuel NARCISO
10.298 Tubiculous coral symbionts induce morphological change and enhance growth in Montipora Gerick BERGSMA*
10.299 Coral growth processes and environmental conditions around Okinotorishima Island, Japan Nobuo MIKAMI, Michio KITANO*, Hidekazu YAMAMOTO, Toshiyuki TAKAO, Akiyoshi NAKAYAMA, Wataru ANDO
10.300 Physiological Performance of Giant Clams (Tridacna maxima, T. squamosa, T. derasa) in a Recirculation System Andreas KUNZMANN*
10.301 Effects of Light Availability on In Situ Juvenile Growth Rates of the Brooding Coral Favia fragum in Bermuda Laura STOPPEL*, Gretchen GOODBODY-GRINGLEY, Robert WOOLLACOTT
10.302 Zooplankton Abundance Much Higher Near the Surface on the 2 m Deep Back Reef of Moorea, French Polynesia Alice ALLDREDGE*
10.303 Effects of Coral Spat Characteristics on Post-settlement Survivorship Yoko NOZAWA*
10.304 High recruitment of hard corals at Archipiélago Los Roques National Park, Venezuela Adriana HUMANES*, Carolina BASTIDAS
10.306 Spatial variation in the distribution of initial and terminal phase parrotfishes at Fernando de Noronha Archipelago, Northeastern Brazil Roberta BONALDO*
10.307 Spatial variability in the community structure of juvenile corals in La Parguera, southwestern Puerto Rico Emmanuel IRIZARRY-SOTO*, Ernesto WEIL
10.308 Marine Habitat Structure and Health Status Heterogeneity Effects on Coral Reef Fish Assemblages in Martinique Yann ROUSSEAU*, Philippe LENFANT, René GALZIN, Jean-Philippe MARÉCHAL
10.309 Reef Ecology in the Dry Tortugas (Florida, USA): Death by Temperature, Life by Diadema? Ilsa B. KUFFNER*, Valerie J. PAUL, Raphael RITSON-WILLIAMS, T. Don HICKEY, Linda J. WALTERS
10.311 Depth-variable predation on post-settlement stages of coral reef fishes LANCE JORDAN*, KENYON LINDEMAN, RICHARD SPIELER
10.312 Is the Diadema antillarum recovery depressing herbivorous fish abundances? Aaron ADAMS*, Robert MILLER, John EBERSOLE
10.313 The importance of habitat type and presence of conspecifics in habitat selection of a coral reef fish Chantal HUIJBERS*, Ivan NAGELKERKEN
10.314 Predation, size composition and distribution of Crown-of-thorn starfish on Lankayan Island reefs: Result surveys 2005 to 2007 Fung Chen CHUNG*
10.315 Bleaching, pollution and the coral Oculina patagonica Roee SEGAL*, Rachel ARMOZA-ZVULONI, Ido MIZRACHI, Noa SHENKAR, Yossi LOYA
10.316 Underestimated Eroder among Reef Fishes - Experimental Comparison between Ctenochaetus striatus and Acanthurus nigrofuscus (Acanthuridae) Helmut SCHUHMACHER*, Roland KRONE, Peter van TREECK
10.317 The feeding ecology of select herbivorous fishes in two reef habitats of Cuba Alain DURÁN, Rodolfo CLARO*
10.318 Variation in social foraging by fishes across a coral reef landscape Peter AUSTER*, James LINDHOLM
10.319 Recruitment potential and recruitment survival as a function of habitat degradation Suzanne MILLS*, David LECCHINI, Pascal DUMAS, Eric PARMENTIER
10.320 Effect of the Herbivorous West Indian Spider Crab (Mithrax spinosissimus) on Patch Reef Algal Communities in the Florida Keys (USA) Angela MOJICA*, Mark BUTLER
10.321 Leptoseris in Hawaii: the deepest photosynthetic corals in the world? Samuel KAHNG*, James MARAGOS, Eric HOCHBERG, Richard KLOBUCHAR
10.322 Sea Urchin Herbivory in Hawaiian Shallow Water Ecosystems: Echinothrix as Allies with Tripneustes Holly JESSOP*, Misaki TAKABAYASHI, Marta DEMAINTENON, Camille BARNETT, Nate OLSON
10.323 The ecological significance of the spotted spiny lobster and the long spined sea urchin on patch reef communities in the Florida Keys Meredith KINTZING*, Mark J. BUTLER IV
10.324 Secondary Succession of Coral Reef Communities at Urasoko Bay, Ishigaki Island, the Ryukyus (Southern Japan) Hideo OHBA*, Kazumasa HASHIMOTO, Kazuyuki SHIMOIKE, Takuro SHIBUNO, Yoshimi FUJIOKA
10.325 Within and among-site variability in early post-settlement survivorship of a brooding coral Megan PORTER*, Wade COOPER
10.326 Differences in coral reef fish assemblages between mangrove-poor and mangrove-rich islands Jessica HARM*, Martin SPEIGHT
10.327 Impact of the 2005 coral bleaching event on Porites porites and Colpophyllia natans at Tektite Reef, US Virgin Islands Kevin WHELAN*, Jeff MILLER, Olga SANCHEZ, Matt PATTERSON
10.328 Relationships Between Reef Fish Assemblages and Coral Habitat Characteristics in the Bay Islands (Honduras) Yolande BOUCHON-NAVARO*, Max LOUIS, Pedro PORTILLO, Claude BOUCHON
10.329 Ichthyological Colonization on the Coral Reefs in the French West Indies Yann FREJAVILLE*, Yolande BOUCHON-NAVARO, Max LOUIS, Lionel REYNAL, Claude BOUCHON
10.330 The effect of fisheries management on species-composition of crustose coralline algae, with implications for coral recruitment Jennifer O'LEARY*, Juan Carlos BRAGA, Tim MCCLANAHAN
10.331 High biomass of fishes in Rarotonga (Cook Islands): testing whether high-fish-herbivory biomass facilitates recovery Teina RONGO*, Dr. Robert VAN WOESIK
10.332 Nutrient enrichment triggers a macroalga to overgrow and a sea anemone to attack coral Pi-Jen LIU*, Hsing-Juh LIN, Tung-Yung FAN, Shiue-Ming LIN, Kwang-Tsao SHAO
10.333 Herbivory and predation at Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia Mat VANDERKLIFT*, Russ BABCOCK, Geordie CLAPIN, Julia PHILLIPS, Nicole MURPHY, Damian THOMSON
10.334 Effects of Coastal Development on Coral Reef Fish Communities in Dubai, UAE Paolo USSEGLIO*, John BURT, Andrew BAUMAN, Peter F. SALE
10.335 Recruitment of scleractinian corals on a marginal coral community in northern Taiwan Ming-Jay HO*, Chang-Feng DAI
10.336 The recovery of corals from disturbances and potential modulating effects of settling algae Dorothea BENDER*, Guillermo DIAZ-PULIDO, Sophie DOVE
10.337 Abundance and Destructions of Acanthaster Planci (L) on Reefs off Zanzibar Town Ali USSI, Christopher MUHANDO*
10.338 Scleractinian Coral Recruitment Patterns to Reefs Physically Damaged by Ship Groundings Ewelina RUBIN*, Alison MOULDING, Jose LOPEZ, David GILLIAM, Richard DODGE, Vadimir KOSMYNIN
10.340 Estimation of Fish herbivory on Antillean Coral Reefs Dorothée KOPP*, Yolande BOUCHON-NAVARO, Sébastien CORDONNIER, Alexandre HAOUISEE, Max LOUIS, Claude BOUCHON
10.341 Spatial Distribution of Herbivorous Reef Fishes in Guadeloupe (FWI): the Influence of Environmental Factors Dorothée KOPP*, Yolande BOUCHON-NAVARO, Max LOUIS, Claude BOUCHON
10.342 Ecological forecast using rapid survey reef demographics Phillip DUSTAN*, Alison MOULDING, Drew WHAM, Judy LANG
10.343 The Effect of Reef Health on the Early Recruitment of Fish Cormac NOLAN*, Bret DANILOWICZ, Daniel GLEASON
10.344 Integrating Oceanography and Marine Ecology: What affect does the Río Aguán have upon the benthic reef community of Los Cayos Cochinos, Honduras? Jonathan SHRIVES*, Greg COWIE, Martin SPEIGHT
10.345 Aggression By Three Damselfish Species: Who Is the Keystone? Amelia MARCH*, Alfred BEULIG
10.346 Foraging Activity by Different Size Classes of Halichoeres poeyi (Labridae) in the Southeastern Brazilian coast Gabriela AZEVEDO*, João Paulo KRAJEWSKI, Mariana GAMA, Carlos Eduardo LEITE FERREIRA
10.347 Symbiosis and adaptation in Eunicella singularis, a Mediterranean gorgonian Didier FORCIOLI*, Pierre Laurent MERLE, Carlo CERRANO, Paola FURLA, Denis ALLEMAND
10.348 Temporal variation of sea urchin density in some Caribbean and Pacific reefs of Colombia Guillermo DUQUE*, Sonia BEJARANO, Alberto RODRIGUEZ
10.349 Territorial Tenacity in the Rock-Boring Sea Urchin: Is There No Place Like Home? Alfred BEULIG, Alex HIBBERD*
10.350 Non-random distribution of fishes on two dominant habitat types within a shallow reef in Northeastern Brazil Paulo MEDEIROS*, Renato GREMPEL, Allan SOUZA, Martina ILARRI
10.352 Recruitment and Resilience on Coral Reefs Carrie MANFRINO*, Elizabeth WHITEMAN
10.353 Testing Inorganic Nutrient Addition Effects on the Stability of Coral-Algae Interactions in Coral Reefs Andreas HAAS*, Malik NAUMANN, Florian MAYER, Mohammed AL-ZIBDAH, Mohammed RASHEED, Christian WILD
10.354 Localized Fish Community Response to a Rapid Habitat Phase Shift From Coral Rubble to Overgrowth by Caulerpa sp. at Aldabra Atoll, Southern Seychelles Islands Raymond BUCKLEY, Ben STOBART, Nigel DOWNING, Kristian TELEKI*
10.355 Nutrients and Herbivores: What do we know about their relative importance on coral reefs? Jennifer SMITH*
10.356 Natural Lesions, Recovery and Partial Mortality in a Population of Montastraea annularis at a Caribbean Reef Elvira ALVARADO CH.*, Alberto ACOSTA
10.357 Response of hard bottom fish assemblages to red tide outbreaks off southwestern Florida. David SNYDER*
10.358 Comparison of the feeding ecology of the introduced snapper Lutjanus kasmira and native goatfishes in Hawai`i Brett SCHUMACHER*, James PARRISH
10.360 Top-down factors explain benthic community structure on a near-pristine coral reef ecosystem Kimberly PAGE-ALBINS*, Peter VROOM, Celia SMITH, Edward DEMARTINI, Scott GODWIN
10.361 The Effect of Increased Seawater Temperature on the Skeletal Development of Favia fragum and Porites astreoides New Recruits Lara GATES, Samantha DE PUTRON*
10.362 Recruitment Dynamics of Scleractinian Corals in a Network of National Parks and Marine Protected Areas: West Coast Hawai’i Island Lawrence BASCH*, Angela LEEMHUIS, James WHITE, William WALSH
10.364 Outwelling of Detrital Matter onto Coral Reefs and Seagrass Beds by an Introduced Mangrove, Rhizophora mangle, in Hawai`i Matthew LURIE*, Celia SMITH
10.365 Fish Larval Flux in a Marine Reserve in Southern Guimaras, West Central Philippines August SANTILLAN*, Wilfredo CAMPOS
10.367 Comparison between extension rate and coral coverage of coral lifeforms Yumi FUCHINOUE*, Tomoko OKASHITA, Takeshi MAEKAWA, Ryota NAKAJIMA, Rajuddin KUSHAIRI, Ross OTHMAN, Tatsuki TODA
10.368 Long term population patterns of Coralliophila abbreviata in relation to host coral Acropora palmata Margaret MILLER, Ashley CEDZO*
10.370 Facultative Symbiosis between Coral and Seagrass Yoshikatsu NAKANO*, Sayuko NINOMIYA, Takahiko INOUE, Yuka YANO, Preetika SINGH, Makoto TSUCHIYA
10.371 The sea urchins of Zanzibar and their effect on local coral communities Omri BRONSTEIN*, Yossi LOYA
10.372 Stress Resistance In An Extreme Environment: Lessons Learnt From A Temperate Symbiotic Sea Anemone Milena PALKA, Simon DAVY*
10.373 Dynamic of the population size frequency distribution in two scleractinian coral species on Heron reef, GBR Juan ORTIZ*, Glen HOLMES
10.374 Experimental evaluation of post-settlement movement in the coral-associated goby Gobiodon histrio Marlene WALL, Joerg OTT, Juergen HERLER*
10.375 Effects of Sedimentation on the Distribution and Ecology of the Reef Zoanthid Palythoa caribaeorum Veronica ACEVEDO*, Paul YOSHIOKA, Wilson RAMIREZ
10.376 Trophic Cascades on Caribbean Coral Reefs: Invasive lionfish (Pterois volitans and P. miles) predation on cleanerfish in the Bahamas Stephanie GREEN*, Isabelle CÔTÉ
10.378 Preliminary Findings: Can Invasive Macroalgae Facilitate Invasional Meltdown? Rodolf PAN*, John STIMSON, Celia SMITH, Durrell KAPAN
10.379 Comparison of Sedimentation in Bays and Reefs below Developed vs. Undeveloped Watersheds, St. John, US Virgin Islands Sarah C. GRAY*, Kimbrie L. GOBBI, Patricia V. NARWOLD, Michael D. FOX, Kara A. MILLER
10.380 Habitat partitioning by territorial pomacentrids Andreza PACHECO*, Ferreira BEATRICE
10.381 Competitive Directs Interactions in a Caribbean Reef: Comparing the Competitive Networks in Three Zones of a Venezuela Reef Jeannette PÉREZ-BENÍTEZ*, Estrella VILLAMIZAR, Humberto CAMISOTTI
10.383 Variations in Growth Rates of Juvenile Reef Fish in Mangrove and Seagrass Habitats in the US Caribbean Ivan MATEO*, Edward DURBIN, Richard APPELDOORN, Aaron ADAMS
10.384 Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning in Three Coral Reefs at the Mexican Caribbean. Fabian RODRIGUEZ-ZARAGOZA*, Jesus ARIAS-GONZALEZ
10.385 The Caribbean Octocoral Erythropodium caribaeorum: Growth rates in a reef of Los Roques National Park Ana YRANZO*, Estrella VILLAMIZAR, Carolina BASTIDAS
10.386 Exploitation and habitat degradation as agents of change within coral reef fish communities Shaun WILSON*, Rebecca FISHER, Morgan PRATCHETT, Nicholas GRAHAM, Nicholas DULVY, Nicholas POLUNIN, Rachel TURNER, Akuila CAKACAKA, Steven RUSHTON