11th ICRS is a proud
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11th ICRS is a green,
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Dear Colleagues,

We, the Local Organizing Committee, invite you to join us in participating in the 11th International Coral Reef Symposium to be held at the Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County (Florida) Convention Center, July 7-11, 2008.

Every four years the International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS) convenes as a major scientific conference to provide the latest knowledge about coral reefs worldwide. Natural scientists, resource managers and users, conservationists, economists, and educators meet together to advance coral reef science, management, and conservation. The International Society for Reef Studies (ISRS), the largest society focused on coral reefs worldwide, officially sanctions ICRS meetings.

The United States and Florida will co-host the 11th International Coral Reef Symposium in July 2008 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. (It has been over 30 years since the ICRS was held on the U.S. mainland.) Stakeholders, including reef scientists, managers, conservationists, fishers, and divers, will find an opportunity at the 11th ICRS in 2008 to assimilate the most recent and best scientific information available about these precious and irreplaceable natural resources. The Symposium’s goal is better understanding of coral reef ecosystems and consequently effective conservation and management strategies. The Symposium will promote the dissemination of knowledge about reef sustainability and resilience, particularly important to many nations who depend upon coral reefs for their economy and food supply. The U.S. and South Florida venue will also provide convenient access for experts and policymakers to mutually visit and study reef systems in the Atlantic, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Meso-America, and Eastern Pacific. Over 2,500 attendees are expected from the U.S. and international marine science, management, and conservationist communities.

REEFS FOR THE FUTURE is the scientific theme of the Symposium, highlighting one of the most important international treasures: coral reefs. Degradation due to factors including pollution, overfishing, and climate change, threaten destruction of these ecosystems on an unprecedented global scale. Scientists, policymakers, conservationists, and managers are exercising leadership in developing knowledge and implementing science-based strategies to address the crisis. Key concepts of coral reefs, including reef structure and function, pattern and process, ecosystem-based management, and human interactions, will be a focus of the meeting program. Plenary speakers will summarize current scientific knowledge about reefs. Mini-Symposia and field workshops will be thematic, question driven, and define specific science-based outcomes as well as management strategies. Field trips to diverse reef types will help illustrate specific reef types, environmental problems, and management successes. The results of the 11th ICRS will be timely and readily accessible in a variety of web-based, CD, and traditional formats.

We look forward to seeing you at 11th ICRS 2008 and your participation in the meeting.


Richard E. Dodge, Ph.D, Chair
on behalf of the Local Organizing Committee

Photo credits: David Gilliam

The 11th ICRS Local Organizing Committee (LOC) is composed of coral reef scientists and managers who serve as committee chairs. Committee members include broad national and international representation from the management, coral reef science, and education communities. The LOC has the full endorsement of the U.S. government and the State of Florida to host the 11th International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS) in 2008.

11TH ICRS LOC Committees, Chairs, & Members
Chairman: Richard E. Dodge, Ph.D.
National Coral Reef Institute (NCRI)
Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center
Treasurer /Accounting: NSU Office of Grants and Contracts /
Grants and Contracts Accounting Office
Scientific Program:
Rob van Woesik, Ph.D., FIT
   Marlin Atkinson, Ph.D., University of Hawaii
   Andrew Baker, Ph.D., University of Miami
   Ruth Kelty, Ph.D., NOAA
   Peter Mumby, Ph.D., University of Exeter, UK
   Phil Munday, Ph.D., James Cook University, AUS
   Tomas Tomascik, Ph.D., Parks Canada Agency
   Julia Cole, Ph.D., University of Arizona
Supporters and Sponsors:
John Ogden, Ph.D., Fl. Inst. of Oceanog.
Steven Miller, Ph.D., Univ. North Carolina
   Chris D'Elia, Ph.D., Univ. of S. Florida
   Gene Shinn, Ph.D., Univ. of S. Florida
Presymposium Publications: Steven Miller, Ph.D., Univ. North Carolina
Proceedings Publications: Bernhard Riegl, Ph.D., NCRI, NSUOC
Scientific Trips (Co-chairs):
Walt Jaap, Ph.D., Univ. South Florida (Chair)
Executive Committee:
Billy Causey, Ph.D., Regional Director, FKNMS
Robert Ginsburg, Ph.D., RSMAS (emeritus)
   William Dent, Diving Officer, USF    Sylvia Earle, DOES    Judy Lang, Sci. Coord., AGRRA
Trip Leaders:
   Phillip Kramer (The Nature Conservancy)
   Robert Ginsberg
   Melanie McField (Smithsonian Inst.)
   Ellen McRae (Belize Coastal Zone)
   Thad Murdock, Annie Glasspool (Bermuda Zoological Society)
   Zelinda M. Leão, Ruy K. Kikuchi (University of F Brazil)
   Lou Fisher, Ken Banks (Broward Co. Florida, DEP)
   Dennis Hubbard (Oberlin College), Lisa Greer (Washington and Lee University)
   Eugene Shinn (Univ. of S. Florida), Walt Jaap
   Steve Baumgartner, Leigh Espy (Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary)
   Harold Hudson, Bill Goodwin (FKNMS)
   Billy Causey
   G.P. Schmahl, Emma Hickerson (Flower Gardens Banks National Marine Sanctuary)
   Judith Mendes (University of the West Indies)
   Janet Phipps, Carman Vare (Palm Beach County Environmental Resources Management Department, Marine/Estuarine Resources Section and the Palm Beach County Reef Research)
   Michael Nemath, Michelle Schärer (Department of Marine Sciences, University of Puerto Rico)
   Wes Tunnell (TAMU-Corpus Christi & Harte Research Institute), Guillermo Horta-Puga (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico)
   Stephanie Bailenson and Carlene Barrett (FL Dept. of Environmental Protection)
   Richard Curry, Brenda Lanzendorf (BNP), Thomas Capo (RSMAS)
   Lad Atkins (REEF), Andy DeHart (National Aquarium)
   James Bohnsack (NMFS), Leda Cunningham (REEF), Paul Humann (Photographer)
Pre-Symposium Workshops:
John W. McManus, Ph.D., Univ. Miami
   Richard Kenchington, ICRAN
(Commercial and NGO):
Peter K. Swart, Ph.D., University of Miami
Frank Muller-Karger, Ph.D, Univ. S. Fla.
   Christopher Boykin, SEFCRI
   Remy Luerssen, Univ. S. Florida
   Chris Moses, Ph.D., Univ. S. Florida
Social Events/
Accomp. Persons Program:

Barbara Dodge
   Peggy Strumski
   Melissa Helmle
   Lotte Purkis
   Eileen Riegl
   Carole Dodge
Carbon Neutrality

Lotte Purkis
    Peggy Strumski
    Remy Luerssen
Host Country Endorsement
Committee (HCEC)

U.S. Government:
  • David Kennedy, manager of NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program
  • Randal Bowman, Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary, DOI
  • Arthur E. Paterson, Office of International Affairs, NOAA
  • Roger B. Griffis, Acting Program Manager for the NOAA Habitat Program
State of Florida:
  • Mike Sole, Secretary, Florida Department of Environmental Protection
  • Robert Ballard, Deputy Secretary for Land and Recreation, Florida Department of Environmental Protection
  • Stephanie Bailenson, Director of the Office of Coastal and Aquatic Managed Areas, Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Webmaster: Kevin Kohler, NCRI, NSUOC

The ICRI International Year of the Reef 2008 (IYOR 2008) will be a year-long campaign of events and initiatives hosted by governments and non-governmental organizations around the world to promote conservation action and strengthening long-term constituencies for coral reef conservation. Any individuals, corporations, schools and organizations are welcome and actively encouraged to participate in the IYOR 2008.
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