The 11th ICRS is proud to announce that it will qualify as a 'Carbon Neutral' event, the first ever ICRS to do so. A 'Green Meeting Strategy' will be followed. The 11th ICRS is an officially registered event with and a portion of your registration fee will be used to reduce the climate impact of the Symposium by supporting renewable energy, energy efficiency, and reforestation projects that reduce and offset CO2 emissions. The Local Organizing Committee is committing to the use of recycled products, reducing waste and offsetting carbon emissions where possible.


Stop by our booth (E10) in the Exhibits area to receive a complementary reusable and recyclable grocery bag!

The following articles are available for viewing at our booth. To further decrease paper use and waste, the articles are being made available via download only.

Green Bag Information
11ICRS Carbon Offsetting Strategies
10 Really Easy Things You Do To Decrease Your Carbon Footprint
Stop Trashing Our Oceans (reprint)

The 11th ICRS is taking steps wherever possible to reduce the environmental impact of the meeting. Some of these actions include:


  • The meeting registration, abstract submittal, correspondence and information have been disseminated primarily online and via email.
  • Meeting badges are made from renewable resource eucalyptus and printed with environmentally friendly dyes. At the end of the Symposium, the badge holders and lanyards will be collected to be reused at future meetings.
  • The meeting program and an interactive meeting schedule including abstracts are available online. Computers will be available for viewing at the conference.
  • To substantially reduce the quantity of paper generated, attendees were given the option of receiving the abstracts solely online and/or the Post-Symposium Proceedings electronically on a CD.
  • All hard copy material has been printed on recycled paper.
  • Meeting T-shirts are made from 100% organic cotton.
  • Reception and banquet decorations will all be either reused or recycled.


  • The Broward County Convention Center has a green management plan in place which primarily focuses on energy and water conservation.
  • Air-conditioning will be set to warmer temperatures instead of the usual 68F. A/C is zone-controlled and will be set to a warmer temperature at night. Closed loop system for cooling towers.
  • All lighting will be centrally monitored and turned off in unused rooms. Where possible, lower wattage fixtures, CFL's, and LED's are used.
  • All urinals have automatic flush valves. All toilet paper and paper towels are made from recycled paper. All cleaning products are environmentally friendly.
  • Landscaping at the Convention Center utilizes many native plants, requiring less water. The exterior fountain uses only re-circulated water.


  • Foods will be purchased as locally as possible, with plenty of vegetarian options.
  • Excess banquet foods will be taken to the Daily Bread shelter.
  • Where possible, condiments and drinks will be dispensed in bulk, thus decreasing packaging waste. Starbucks shade grown organic coffee will be served.
  • Disposable clear cups and to go containers are made from compostable corn and potato starch; disposable plates and utensils are made from corn starch.
  • Paper coffee cups, sleeves, napkins, deli paper bags, and food trays are made from recycled paper.
  • A reusable water bottle will be provided to each registrant to limit the use of disposable containers.
  • Trash bags are made from compostable material.


  • Aisle signs are recycled from a previous meeting. Other directional signs are made from material sturdy enough to be used at up to five meetings, eliminating waste not only for the 11th ICRS but for other meetings as well.
  • Aisle carpeting will eventually be recycled as piping insulation.


  • Clearly labeled recycling bins will be provided throughout the Convention Center for comingled glass, aluminum, and plastics. Separate recycling bins will be provided for clean paper and cardboard.


  • The meeting hotels have been chosen based on their proximity to the Convention Center, making walking an option.
  • Complimentary bio-diesel shuttle buses will be available for transport between the six meeting hotels and the Convention Center.
  • All meeting hotels continue to work on introducing green strategies.


  • The 11th ICRS is one of the first meetings to be held at the Broward County Convention Center to be recognized as a green meeting.
  • A Green Strategies Booth in the Exhibit Hall will provide both additional information and a complementary reusable and recyclable grocery bag to all attendees.


There are numerous websites suggesting options which we urge you to visit. A big bonus is that these measures are beneficial both environmentally and economically. Even the smallest change can provide a meaningful difference.

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