The MIBA Alumni Chapter was created to address the needs of the MIBA community. Our main objectives are:

1. To create an environment conducive to networking and business opportunities. The most basic need in the MIBA community today is the creation of networking opportunities. As the program grows and the number of students increases, it becomes harder for the alumni and students to keep in touch. As a result, potential contacts and business opportunities are often lost.

2. To capitalize on the collective experience of the alumni. Because the MIBA community has been up to this point neglected, the knowledge and experience of its alumni have yet to be tapped. The current students undoubtedly lose an important point of reference when they cannot gauge how valuable their degree will be upon graduation.

3. To strengthen the ties between the Fort Lauderdale and the Kendall campuses. The MIBA program is so short that most students don't realize how much they lose in the form of friendships and business contacts by the lack of contact between the Ft. Lauderdale and the Kendall campuses. Without a natural link to the university, it will only get more difficult to reconnect with the alumni as more time passes by.

4. To create a lasting bond with Nova Southeastern University. The MIBA Alumni Chapter recognizes our community's needs and we are committed to making a difference in the program and the alumni community by fostering friendships and encouraging networking opportunities. As we form closer ties to each other we will also be creating a link to NSU.

5.To assist and influence the Huizenga School administration in order to give alumni and current students a voice in the future of the MIBA program. Another concern for many of the current students and alumni alike is the need to improve the MIBA program. Addressing issues such as teacher selection, admission standards, and changes to the curriculum can eventually lead to an even better and more reputable international business program which will enhance the value of our degree.

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