• Highlighted the accomplishments and learned from the experience of our alumni

  • Began to bridge the gap between the Kendall and the Fort Lauderdale campuses

  • Created an interest among alumni and students about the Chapter

  • Brought quality speakers to our events to share practical knowledge in their industry

  • The MIBA Alumni Chapter aims to fill a void within the MIBA alumni community.

    Today over 300 MIBA alumni reside in the South Florida area but unfortunately, there were no mechanisms in place to connect us to NSU or each other. more

    Our main objectives are:
    1.To create an environment conducive to networking and business opportunities.
    2.To capitalize on the collective experience of the alumni.
    What type of speakers would you prefer at a chapter meeting?
    Alumni and other professionals
    Alumni and NSU faculty
    NSU Faculty and other professionals
    Did you know...
    That about 15% of our members own their own business?
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