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Group Field Trips

We welcome pre-schools, elementary schools, and middle schools who would like to request a field trip to the library. Daycare centers, homeschool groups, and afterschool programs/troops are also welcome to schedule a field trip.

Full Field Trips, with services provided by a Librarian, are available with a recommended minimum of 6 weeks notice. Activities are customized to the age or grade of participants. Crafts are not provided at any of these field trips.

Please contact Youth Services Librarian, Rebecca Hickman, 954-262-5470, to discuss the field trip package that best suits your needs. At that time, we will also let you know how to obtain library card applications in advance for your class or group.

Coming back for a short visit? In order to bring your class or small group to the library just for a self-directed visit to browse books, with no special services provided by the librarian, we request that you call us at least two weeks ahead.

High school groups may also arrange special trips to the library. Group leaders should contact the Outreach Librarian, Greg Sidberry, at (954) 262-4580 to schedule a visit or training session. Or use the online Outreach Instruction Sign Up Form.

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Last update: 12/27/11