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Subject Specialists

The population of patrons we serve is quite diverse, which contributes to the uniqueness of the Alvin Sherman Library. Because we strive to provide the best possible service to all of our users, we have compiled a set of customized site maps, or patron portals, for each of these user groups.

Find information that interests you more quickly by selecting the patron type that best defines you!

Name/Area/Contact Info. Responsible for:
Lia Hemphill
Director of Collection Development
Gifts, Special Selections, Endowments, Grants
Melissa Johnson
Social Sciences Subject Specialist
Anthropology, Demography, Ecology, Geography, Education, Government, Law, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Archaeology
Susan Berkman
Business Subject Specialist
Business, Economics, Finance
Matt Buckley
Arts & Humanities Subject Specialist
Communications, History, Literature, Language, Linguistics, Performing Arts, Religion, Visual Arts
Open Position
Biology, Chemistry, Information and Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Engineering, Health Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Sports and Physical Education
Elaine Taylor
Public Library Services Adult Selector
Best Sellers, Leased Book Plan, Adult Popular Fiction & Non-Fiction, Large Print
LeThesha Harris
Public Library Services Non-Print Selector
Adult & Juvenile Feature and Non-Fiction Video & DVD, Music CDs
Julie Fuller
Public Library Services Young Adult Selector
Young Adult Fiction & Non-Fiction
Rebecca Hickman
Public Library Services Juvenile Selector
Juvenile Fiction & Non-Fiction
Meagan Albright
Public Library Services Juvenile Selector
Early Literacy Fiction & Non-Fiction

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Last update: 12/27/11