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Course Reserves

NSU faculty members may place books, journal articles, and other materials on reserve for a course. Students can find Course Reserves items in NovaCat by professor name, course name or course number. Faculty should note that they have the option of placing the reserve items to be checked out for 2 hours only or overnight by prior arrangement with the Circulation staff.

  • Reserve materials may be checked out at the Reserves window near the Circulation Desk. The hours for the Holds/Reserve window are Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm. After hours patrons must refer to the Circulation Desk.
  • Students must present a current NSU I.D. to use reserve materials.
  • Reserve items must remain in the library.
  • The check-out period is limited to two hours, except when previously arranged by the instructor; there will be a fine of $0.25 per hour per item for items returned late. When professors put journals, books, and videos etc. on reserve, they have the option of placing the items to be checked out for 2 hours only or overnight, or 24-hour use.
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Procedures for placing materials on reserve

The following items may be placed on reserve by faculty:

  • Library-owned Books, CDs and Videotapes
    Faculty may submit items from the collections of the Alvin Sherman Library directly to the Circulation Desk.
  • Personal Copies of Books, CDs and Videotapes
    Submit these to the Circulation Desk. Some amount of wear should be expected while the item is on reserve. The Library will not accept responsibility for damage to personal materials.
  • Photocopied Materials
    Clear photocopied materials must be submitted to the Circulation Desk. The person submitting the materials is responsible for reproducing those materials that are to be placed on reserve. In order to comply with Federal copyright laws, publisher permission must be obtained in the following situations:
    • Use of more than one photocopy (multiple copies of the same article)
    • Continued use of photocopies (for more than one term/semester)
    • Photocopying an author's entire work
    • Copying more than one article of a copyrighted collection of periodical issue.
    Faculty members are responsible for obtaining copyright permission from the publisher where needed, and must provide the Circulation Desk with this verification before the second term that an item is on reserve.
    For assistance obtaining copyright permission, please contact NSU Copyright Clearance Services.
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Submitting materials for reserve

All materials submitted for reserve must be accompanied by a completed Reserve Materials Form. These forms may be downloaded (in PDF format), obtained from the Circulation Desk, or you may request that they be sent by mail. Please fill out the course information completely, and include the date the material is to be removed from reserve. A copy of the class syllabus should be included for reference purposes. At the beginning of each term, please allow three days for materials to be processed and made available to students. During the term, please allow one full work day. Reserve requests are processed in the order in which they are received.

In addition, Faculty have the option of placing material on Electronic Course Reserve (ECR) for students to view online. To place items on ECR, please see Faculty Guidelines for Submitting Electronic Course Reserves.

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Removing items from reserve

You may request removal of reserve materials at any time. At the end of each semester, items will be removed from reserve and returned to you through Interoffice mail. If you prefer, you may pick up the materials at the Circulation Desk. Any items not picked up, or items returned as undeliverable from Interoffice Mail, will be discarded or added to the library collection, as the Library does not have adequate space for storage of reserve materials.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please call 954-262-4617 to contact Dinos Andreou, Head of Circulation at the Alvin Sherman Library.

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Last update: 12/27/11