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Subject Guide: Sociology

Web Sites

Many useful information resources are available on the Internet. But, remember to evaluate any Web site before using it for research.

MERLOT Sociology Resources
The Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT) offers a directory of Internet resources related to the study and teaching of sociology. The majority of the materials are intended for use with college or high school students. A description of each entry is available. The entry may feature peer reviews, user comments, or related assignments.
Searchable collection of Web sites organized into over 150 subject areas. Also includes links to journals, data archives, and publishers.
The SocioLog
Searchable site that includes listings of university Sociology Departments, professional associations, research institutes, and links to international and multilingual sites in a wide range of sociology-related subjects.
WWW Virtual Library of Sociology
Searchable online directory that includes institutions/departments, associations and organizations, discussion groups, research centers, databases and archives, courses and curricula resources, journals and newsletters, and software.

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