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Subject Guide: Sociology


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E-books or electronic books may be accessed via NovaCat or from the netLibrary database.

Entries for electronic books in NovaCat will have the eBook icon eBook icon.

Title Author
An anatomy of power : the social theory of Michael Mann Edited by John A. Hall & Ralph Schroeder
Environment and social theory John Barry
Fifty key sociologists : the contemporary theorists Edited by John Scott
Fifty key sociologists: the formative theorists Edited by John Scott
Gender and education : an encyclopedia Edited by Barbara J. Bank ; Sara Delamont and Catherine Marshall, associate editors
Handbook of environmental sociology Edited by Riley E. Dunlap & William Michelson.
Immigration and race relations: sociological theory and John Rex

Edited by Tahir Abbas & Frank Reeves.

Public sociology : fifteen eminent sociologists debate politics and the profession in the twenty-first century Edited by Dan Clawson et al.
Readings from Emile Durkheim Edited by Kenneth Thompson
Social blueprints : conceptual foundations of sociology David K. Brown
Social capital John Field
Society and health : sociology for health professionals Richard K. Thomas
The sociology of elites Michael Hartmann
The sociology of financial markets Edited by Karin Knorr Cetina & Alex Preda

Circulating Books

Circulating books may be checked out by visiting the library. Distance students may also request books via Document Delivery.

Title Author Location
Classical sociological theory Bert N. Adams, R.A. Sydie HM435.A33 2002
Classical horizons: the origins of sociology in ancient Greece George E. McCarthy HM435 .M33 2003
Classical social theory: a contemporary approach Kenneth H. Tucker, Jr. HM435.T83 2002
Contested knowledge : social theory today Steven Seidman

HM585 .S44 2008

Culture: critical concepts in sociology Edited by Chris Jenks HM621. C858 2003 v.1-4
Explorations in classical sociological theory : seeing the social world Kenneth Allan HM445 .A45 2005
Founders, classics, canons: modern disputes over sociology's heritage Peter Baehr HM445 .B34 2002
Interpretative origins of classical sociology : Weber, Husserl, Schutz, Durkheim, Simmel

Jules J. Wanderer

HM585 .W36 2005

Key ideas in sociology Peter Kivisto HM435 .K58 2004
The new evolutionary social science : human nature, social behavior, and social change Edited by Heinz-Jürgen Niedenzu, Tamás Meleghy & Peter Meyer

HM626 .N49 2008

The promise of poststructuralist sociology : marginalized peoples and the problem of knowledge Clayton W. Dumont, Jr.

HM651 .D86 2008

Rethinking Durkheim and his tradition Warren Schmaus

HM465 .S36 2004

Rights : sociological perspectives

Edited by Lydia Morris

K258 .R544 2006
The social psychology of gender : how power and intimacy shape gender relations Laurie A. Rudman, Peter Glick

HM1106 .R83 2008

Sociology and mass culture: Durkheim, Mills, and Baudrillard Patricia Cormack HM511.C67 2002
Toward a sociological theory of information Harold Garfinkel

HM651 .G37 2008

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