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Library of Congress Classification System

Z - Library Science and Information Resources

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Z 4-115.5 Books in General
Z 116-659 Book Industries and Trade
Z 662-1000.5 Libraries
Z 1001-8999 Bibliography
ZA Information Resources

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Detailed Call Number Ranges for Section: Z - Library Science and Information Resources

Z 4-115.5 Books in General.
4-8 History of Books and Bookmaking
40-104.5 Writing
41-42.5 Autographs, Signatures
43-45 Calligraphy
48 Copying Processes
49-51.5 Typewriting, Typewriters
52-52.5 Word Processing
53-102 Shorthand, Stenography, Phonography
102.5-104 Cryptography
104.5 Invisible Writing
105-115.5 Paleography
116-659 Book Industries and Trade.
116.A2 Treatises on the Modern Printed Book
116.A3 Book Design
116.A5-265 Printing
124-228 Printing: History
231-232 Printers and Printing Establishments
234 Medallic History of Printing, Tokens
235-236 Printer's Marks, Mottoes, etc.
237 Paper, Watermarks, etc.
239-239.9 Books, Noteworthy as Examples of Fine Printing
240-241.5 Incunabula, Block Books (including broadsides, playing cards)
243-264.5 Practical Printing (including printing as a business, layout, paper and ink, machinery, type and type founding, electrotyping, typesetting, presswork)
265 Reproduction of Books, Documents, etc. by Photography, Microphotography, etc.
266-276 Bookbinding, Book Decoration
278-549 Bookselling and Publishing
551-656 Copyright
657-659 Freedom of the Press, Censorship
662-1000.5 Libraries
662-664 Collected Works
665-718.8 Library Science, Information Science
672 Library Cooperation and Coordination
674.2-674.5 Information Services, Information Centers
674.7-674.83 Library Information Networks
675 Classes of Libraries
678-678.88 Library Administration and Organization, Constitution
678.89-678.892 Library Service Agencies
678.9 Automation
679-680 Architecture and Planning of the Library (including space utilization, security, safety, lighting, etc.)
680.3-680.6 Library Communication Systemd
681 Photography and Other Methods of Reproduction in Library Science
681.5 Trustees, Library Boards, Committees, etc.
682-682.3 Personnel
683-683.5 Finance, Insurance
684-685 Supplies, Shelving, Bookstacks
686 Branches, Delivery Stations, Bookmobiles
687-718.8 The Collections, The Books
688 Special Collections
688.5 Processing
689 Acquisition (selection, purchase, gifts, duplicates)
690 Exchanges
691-692 Special Classes of Materials (including manuscripts, maps, microforms, serials)
693-695.83 Cataloging
695.85 Library Handwriting
695.87 Printing of Catalogs
695.9-695.94 Indexing, Abstracting
695.95 Alphabetizing, Filing
695.98 Recataloging, Reclassification
696-697 Classification and Notation
698 Shelflisting, Author Notation
699-699.5 Machine Methods of Information and Retrieval, Mechanized Bibliographic Control
700 Bookbinding
701-701.5 Injuries to Books, Book Hygiene
702 Thefts and Losses of Books
703.5-703.6 Moving, Disposition of Books on Shelves, etc. (including discarding, weeding)
711-711.92 Reference Work
712-714 Circulation, Loans, Charging Systems
716-716.1 Library Extension, Library Commissions, Travelling Libraries
716.2-718.8 Libraries in Relation to Special Topics
719-725 Libraries (General)
719-871 Library Reports of Individual Libraries, History, Statistics
881-980 Library Catalogs and Bulletins
987-997.2 Private Libraries, Book Collecting (including bibliophilism, bookplates)
998-1000.5 Booksellers' Catalogs, Book Prices
1001-8999 Bibliography.
1001 Introductions to Bibliography, Documentation
1003-1003.5 Choice of Books, Books and Reading
1011-1017 General Bibliographies
1019-1033 Special Classes of Books (including prohibited books, rare books, paperbacks, reprints)
1035-1035.9 Best Books
1036 Booksellers' General Catalogs of Modern Books
1037-1039 Books for Special Clases of Persons, Institutions, etc.
1041-1121 Anonyms and Pseudonyms
1201-4980 National Bibliography
1201-1946 America
1215-1363 United States
1365-1401 Canada, British North America
1411-1939 Latin America
2000-2959 Europe
3001-3496 Asia
3501-3975 Africa
4001-4980 Australia, Oceania
5051-7999 Subject Bibliography
8001-8999 Personal Bibliography
ZA 3040-5185 Information Resources
3075-3080 Research, How to Find Information
3150-3159 Information Services, Information Centers
3201-4150 Information Superhighway
4201-4251 Internet
4375-4390 Research, How to Use Networks, Online Services, etc.
4450-4460 Databases
4550 Motion Pictures, Video Recordings
4650 Photographs
4750 Sound Recordings
5050-5055 Government Information
5070-5185 Government Information in Specific Formats or Media

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