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V - Naval Science

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V Naval Science (General).
VA Navies: Organization, Description, Facilities, etc.
VB Naval Administration.
VC Naval Maintenance.
VD Naval Seamen.
VE Marines.
VF Naval Ordnance.
VG Minor Services of Navies.
VK Navigation, Merchant Marine.
VM Naval Engineering, Shipbuilding.

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Detailed Call Number Ranges for Section: V - Naval Science

V 1-995 Naval Science (General).
400-695 Naval Education
720-743 Naval Life, Manners, and Customs
750-995 War Vessels: Construction, Armament, etc.
990-995 Fleet Ballistic
VA 10-750 Navies: Organization, Description, Facilities, etc.
VB 15-995 Naval Administration.
21-124 By Region or Country
260-275 Enlisted Personnel
320-325 Minorities, Women, etc. in Navies
VC 10-580 Naval Maintenance.
20-258 Organization of Service
270-279 Equipment of Vessels, Supplies, Allowances, etc.
412-425 Navy Yards and Stations, Shore Facilities
530-580 Naval Transportation
VD 7-430 Naval Seamen.
21-124 By Region or Country
160-302 Drill Regulations
VE 7-500 Marines.
23-124 By Region or Country
160-302 Drill Regulations
VF 1-580 Naval Ordnance.
21-124 By Region or Country
160-302 Ordnance Instructions and Drill Books
390-510 Ordnance Material (Ordnance Proper)
VG 20-2029 Minor Services of Navies.
70-85 Naval Communication by Telegraphy, Telephone, etc.
100-475 Medical Service
VK 1-1661 Navigation, Merchant Marine.
15-124 History, Conditions, etc.
558-597 Marine Hydrography, Hydrographic Surveying
600-794 Tide and Current Tables
798-997 Sailing Directions, Pilot Guides
1000-1249 Lighthouse Service
1250-1299 Shipwrecks and Fires
1300-1491 Saving of Life and Property
1500-1661 Pilots and Pilotage
VM 1-989 Naval Engineering, Shipbuilding.
15-124 History
311-466 Special Types of Vessels
595-989 Marine Engineering
975-989 Diving

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