In the Alvin Sherman Library, sound recordings (compact disc and cassettes) are classified by ANSCR, the Alpha-Numeric System for Collections of Recordings. ANSCR is pronounced "answer."

ANSCR Classification Summary

Music Appreciation: History & Commentary
B Operas: Complete & Highlights
C Choral Music
D Vocal Music
E Orchestral Music
EA Orchestral music: General Orchestral
EB Orchestral music: Ballet Music
EC Orchestral music: Concertos
ES Orchestral music: Symphonies
F Chamber Music
G Solo Instrumental Music
GG Solo Instrumental Music: Guitar
GO Solo Instrumental Music: Organ
GP Solo Instrumental Music: Piano
GS Solo Instrumental Music: Stringed Instruments
GV Solo Instrumental Music: Violin
GW Solo Instrumental Music: Wind Instruments
GX Solo Instrumental Music: Percussion Instruments
H Band Music
J Electronic, Mechanical Music
K Musical shows & Operettas
L Soundtrack Music: Motion Pictures & Television
M Popular Music
MA Pop Music
MC Country/Western
MG Contemporary Christian/Gospel
MJ Jazz
ML Latin Pop Music
MN New Age
MR Rock, Rhythm and Blues, etc.
P Folk and Ethnic Music (National)
Q Folk and Ethnic Music (International)
R Holiday Music
S Varieties & Humor
T Plays
U Poetry
Y Sounds & Special Effects
Z Children's Recordings
ZI Children's Recordings: Instructional
ZM Children's Recordings: Music
ZR Children's Recordings: Holiday
ZS Children's Recordings: Spoken


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