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NSU Digital Collections is a collaborative project between the Alvin Sherman Library and the Nova Southeastern University Archives. The online collection consists primarily of black and white photographs that document Nova Southeastern University's history. Also included are contextual essays penned by the Director of the NSU Archives, Robert Bogorff, as well as books on the history of the University. Beginning in 1966, the photographs provide an insight into the early life, history and culture of Nova Southeastern University.

This project would have not been possible without the wisdom and insight of Mr. Robert Bogorff, NSU Archives Director. Library staff/librarians that made this project possible include Cathy Elios, Cheryl Peltier-Davis, Deborah Tritt and Lydia Acosta, vice president for information services and university librarian.


The university was chartered in 1964 as Nova University of Advanced Technology. In August of 1964, board member, Mr. Synnestvedt suggested that the name “Nova University of Advanced Technology” be considered and this name change was unanimously carried by the Board. In 1970, the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) partnered with Nova University of Advanced Technology, but it wasn’t until 1973 that Nova officially changed its name from Nova University of Advanced Technology to simply Nova University. This affiliation would not last however, and in 1985 the two institutions terminated any federation between NYIT and Nova. In 1993, Nova University set in motion a merger between itself and The Southeastern University of the Health Sciences. Once the merger took place a new name was required and the powers that be settled on what became the Nova Southeastern University that we know today. Read more...

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Materials contained in NSU Digital Collections are for educational use only, no other permissions are given. U.S. and international copyright laws may protect individual items. Commercial use or distribution of digital objects contained within the NSU Digital Collections are not permitted without written permission of the Nova Southeastern University Archives. For more information, please contact the NSU Archives at 954-262-4642.