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NovaCat is the online library catalog for all NSU libraries including:

NovaCat identifies the holdings of all NSU-affiliated libraries. It provides detailed information on:

  • books
  • periodicals (journals, magazines & newspapers)
  • dissertations
  • audiovisual items (CDs, DVDs, audiotapes, videotapes, etc.)
  • CD-ROMs
  • eBooks
  • websites
  • specialty items (LeapPads, test kits, etc.)

Keywords Searching

To perform a keyword search in NovaCat

  • select the Keyword tab
  • enter keywords that best describe your topic
    • searches may include and/or statements
      examples: child or juvenile, speech and disorder
    • searches may include words derived from the same root
      example: child* would search for child, children, child’s
  • click the Submit button

Keyword search in NovaCat.

Author Searching

To perform an author search in NovaCat

  • select the Author tab
  • enter the author's or artist's name last name first
    • the first name or initial may be added following a comma
         shakespeare, william
         angelou, m
    • ignore titles or ranks such as: Sir, Doctor, President, Jr.
    • government bodies, organizations, and companies may be used as authors
         American Psychological Association
         American Speech Language Hearing Association
  • click the Submit button

Author search in NovaCat.

Title Searching

To perform a title search in NovaCat

  • select the Title tab
  • enter the exact title
    • do not need to type articles (the, a, an) at the beginning of the title, but you must include them within the title
      example: Taming of the Shrew, Handbook of speech pathology
    • if it is a long title, you may leave off the last few words
      example: Florida Directory
      in place of: Florida Directory of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment, Intervention and Prevention Programs
  • click the Submit button

Title search in NovaCat.
Title search in NovaCat.

Subject Searching

To perform a subject search in NovaCat

  • select the Subject tab
  • select a subject classification:
    • Library of Congress.
      (Used by: Alvin Sherman Library, Research, and Information Technology Center, Law Library)
    • Medical Subject Headings (MeSH).
      (Used by: HPD Library)
    • Children's Subject Headings (LC Children’s and Sears Subject Headings).
      (Used by: University Schools and the Children's and Young Adult Collections within the Alvin Sherman Library)
  • enter the subject
    example: speech therapy
  • click the Submit button

Select a subject classification.
Select a subject classification.

Library of Congress subject search in NovaCat.
Library of Congress subject search in NovaCat.

Advanced Searching

To perform an advanced search in NovaCat

  • select the Advanced tab
  • select the field or fields you wish to search from the drop-down menu
  • enter term(s) in at least one search box
  • if search terms are entered in two or more search boxes, select and, and not, or or from the drop-down menu
  • click the Submit button

Advanced search in NovaCat.

Additional optional search limits may also be selected:

  • Limit by Location
    Select a location from the drop-down menu to limit a search to:
    • a particular library
      example: Alvin Sherman Library
    • a particular collection within a library
      example: Children's Collection, Sherman Library
    • a type of collection
      example: NSU Libraries Periodicals (limits search to journals, newspapers, magazines, etc. in all NSU libraries)

  • Limit by Language
    Select a language from the drop-down menu to limit a search to materials in a particular language.

  • Limit by Material Type
    Select a material type from the drop-down menu to limit a search to that material type.
    Examples: Dissertation, EBook, Print Map, etc.

  • Limit by Year
    Fill in one or both boxes to limit a search to items published after and/or before a particular year.

  • Limit by Publisher
    Fill in a publisher name to limit a search to items published by a particular publisher.

Additional limiting options in the Avanced search in NovaCat.

Search Results

Search results will vary. If you get:

  • No records matched your search, then check your spelling or the fields you searched in.
  • Too many, then go back and limit your search. Sometimes a search needs to be modified with: additional search words, searching only a specific field, adding date limitations, or type of materials.
  • Too few, then go back and expand your search. Consider synonyms for your search words or concepts. Try to use professional language or terminology.
  • Irrelevant results, then try new search terms. Consider synonyms or related concepts. Identify and search using descriptors. Try a different database.

Some tips about NovaCat search results

  • NovaCat displays the first 12 results that match a search
  • use the Next Page or Previous Page buttons to move through the results
  • click on a title to see a full record
  • Keyword searches will display a list of titles that contain your search terms                                   
  • Author searches will display a list of authors that match your search terms                                   
  • Title searches will display a list of titles that match your search terms                                          
  • Subject searches will display a list of subjects that match your search terms

A full record will identify an item's

  • location
  • call number
  • status         
Results of a keyword search in NovaCat
Results of a keyword search in NovaCat. Shows 1-12.

Full record in NovaCat.
Full record in NovaCat.

Additional Features

Users can check to see what books they have checked out from the NSU libraries and renew their books online if they are not overdue or on hold for another user. Go to Renew your Items and log on.

Local users can place an interlibrary loan journal article or book request from the NovaCat main page. This feature is NOT available for distance users. Instead, please use the online Document Delivery request forms found at: .

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