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IRB Review Process

Any research or clinical investigation, whether funded or unfunded, that involves human subjects conducted by NSU faculty, staff, or students shall be under the jurisdiction of the IRB. The IRB is responsible for determining and assuring that:

  1. the welfare and rights of human subjects are adequately protected and informed consent given, if necessary;
  2. human subjects are not placed at unreasonable physical, mental, or emotional risk as a result of research;
  3. the necessity and importance of the research outweighs the risks to the subjects; and
  4. the researcher(s) is/are qualified to conduct research involving human subjects.

Any activity that meets either of the following listed below, requires review and approval by the Nova Southeastern University (NSU) IRB:

  1. The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) definition of both “research” and “human subjects”
  2. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) definitions of both “clinical investigation” and “human subjects”

Use the following checklist to determine if your study requires NSU IRB approval:

Visit our IRBManager Electronic Submission System page for more information regarding the completion of this form.

The Office of Human Research Protections provides Human Subject Regulations Decision Charts that are useful in understanding the different levels of IRB Review.

The following links provide an overview of the review process from the initial submission of your research protocol to the final approval.

Please click here to download a PDF version of this information: IRB Review Process Flow Map
Please click here to review NSU IRB Policies and Procedures.
Please click here for the schedule of IRB Board meetings where Full Board Studies are reviewed.


Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions section for common questions regarding the IRB process.
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