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Forms, Policies and Procedures

Translation Services Information

For protocols that may be reviewed at the Center Level or Expedited Review Level, the IRB will permit researchers to translate consent materials and instruments themselves and submit the original English and Spanish versions for review by the designee of the IRB chair. Such translations should not be submitted until the English version of consent materials is approved. The translation does not have to be conducted by a certified translator. For documents translated into all other languages, the IRB requires that the documents be translated by a certified translator unless the Chair can identify a member of the IRB or an appropriately trained individual who is able to check the translation. Please contact your center representative or the IRB office regarding other languages.

For protocols requiring a full review, all documents that are to be translated must be translated by a certified translator unless this is waived by the Full IRB.

The university recommends but does not mandate that researchers use the services of Student Services International, Inc. for the certified translations.

Student Services International, Inc.
2455 East Sunrise Boulevard, Suite 200
Fort Lauderdale , FL 33304
954-565-8505 xt 29
fax 954-565-8718

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