Current Students

Health Insurance

Proof of health insurance coverage is mandatory for all Nova Southeastern University (NSU) full-time international Health Professions Division students, full-time international Undergraduate PAL (Day) students, and Residential Housing students. The ONLY way to provide proof of current health insurance coverage is to complete the online Proof of Health Insurance Waiver.

The online waiver form is "live" only during the posted waiver period. Students have thirty (30) days from the beginning of the period in which they can enroll to complete the on-line waiver. If the waiver is not completed within the first thirty (30) days of enrollment, the fees and coverage will remain.

Any questions regarding NSU Health Insurance for international students should be directed to the NSU Student Medical Center, Ms. Caitlin Ballback at (954) 262-1263. Also, feel free to visit the NSU Student Medical Center Web site for further information.

All other NSU international students who do not fit the above criteria are not required to obtain health insurance, but it is strongly recommended because the cost of medical services in the United States is extremely expensive. The following link provides companies that offer medical insurance to international students. This list is for informational purposes. NSU does not endorse these organizations.

It is recommended that you review each company's benefits package before purchasing a medical insurance plan. Please note that some health insurance companies may request a copy of your SEVIS I-20 and I-94 card.