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International Student Affairs

Welcome to Nova Southeastern University! On behalf of the Student Leadership and Civic Engagement staff, we are pleased to learn of your acceptance to the university. Our office is part of the big umbrella of the Student Affairs Office, and together with the Office of International Students and the Office of Student Activities we are committed to making your stay at NSU a worthwhile and pleasant experience.

To ease your transition to a new culture and to enhance your experience at NSU, there are various resources in place to assist you. Our group is responsible for developing various initiatives and services including special activities, cultural events, and workshops that will enrich your experience academically, personally, and professionally.

We look forward to meeting with each and every one of you during your time at Nova Southeastern University.

Our Vision

We envision social and cultural integration, personal growth, and academic skills development for you through a supportive network of all international students.

We also strive to respond to the diverse and unique needs of our community. Through various resources, we hope that you will take advantage of all the programs and events to assist in successfully guiding you through your stay here at Nova Southeastern University.

Our Purpose

  1. To build a network for international students to have as a resource and support group.
  2. To provide informational workshops in collaboration with respective departments on campus.
  3. To provide social events for international students.
  4. To meet the needs of international students in an effort make their stay comfortable and worthwhile.
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