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International Student Affairs

Overcoming Culture Shock

  • Get Involved in Clubs and Organizations
    The clubs and organizations here on campus provide social avenues for those wanting to connect with other international students and students with similar cultural interests. Please refer to the List of Student Organizations for all the active clubs here on campus.
  • Network with Others
    Depending on which survey you go by, at least 65% to 85% of people find valuable resources and get their needs met through networking. As an international student, a lot of your confusion and questions can be answered through networking with others and forming relationships. Networking is not about bothering, pestering, or using people. True networking is based on relationships that are cultivated and nurtured so that a mutual exchange of information, advice, referrals, and support takes place. When you take time to develop mutually beneficial relationships, networking takes on a new and better meaning. You can comfortably turn to people in your network when you need help with a career move, transition, or even a H1B sponsorship, while people in your network know that they can turn to you when they need assistance.

    "Networking is not about superficial connections and brief connections. it's about cultivating relationships with others in a meaningful way so that you have people to turn to when you need information and support and also people you can help when they need information and support".
  • Be Open Minded and Focus On Why You Are Here
  • Enjoy Your College Experience!
  • Download our presentation on Overcoming Culture Shock in the U.S.
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