Psychology Postdoctoral Residency

Supervision Information


University Faculty will be responsible for the initial shaping as well as ongoing refinement and evaluation of each resident’s educational program and research plan.  Each postdoctoral resident will work closely with his/her mentor participating in activities such as: consulting with students and community organizations, designing studies, discussing theoretical and methodological issues and challenges, as well as writing manuscripts and/or grant proposals.  Mentors will teach residents about the administrative aspects of conducting research, teaching, program review and consultative services.  In addition, residents will be exposed to higher administration through activities and tasks associated with program certification, licensure, new program development, as well as exposure to the day-to-day operations in an academic support unit.  Issues of recruiting and hiring staff, organization and management of project(s), and budgets related to one’s institution are important topics for mentors to share with his/her resident.

Psychology Resident Seminar

In this weekly seminar, psychology residents meet with the psychology staff and invited faculty to discuss issues of clinical professional development specific to their advanced level of training. Topics covered include diversity issues, psychological ethics/law, supervision, licensure and board certification, research management/grants, and professional networking/employment.

Psychology Staff Meetings

In this bi-monthly meeting, the chief psychologist presents information of general interest to the staff, conducts in-service trainings, and discusses administrative and clinical issues.

General Didactics

Nova Southeastern University’s Residency Program offers a wide variety of seminars and workshops that may be of interest to residents. Didactics are held once each month and include case conferences, extended workshops, and special topic seminars. Topics include diversity issues, ethics, legal, assessment and interventions, empirically validated interventions, etc. Residents may be invited to present special topic seminars in their interest areas.

Training Resources

In addition to the Training Director, each Nova Southeastern University Department where post-doctoral residents will be placed will have one on-site licensed psychologist supervisor.  Residents will have their own offices, computers, access to the Nova’s library, as well as access to the CPS Testing Library.  Each resident will be allotted funds for attending conferences.

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