Psychology Postdoctoral Residency

Admissions Information


We seek residency applicants who have a strong academic foundation from their university programs and have mastered basic skills in psychological assessment and intervention techniques from supervised clinical experiences. Selected applicants must have completed an APA-approved graduate program and internship in counseling or clinical psychology prior to beginning their postdoctoral training with us.


Applications for open slots are due by December 31st. Completed applications are reviewed and ranked by the Training Director and a Postdoctoral Subcommittee. Acceptable candidates are invited to interview with a staff member in person or by phone. Interviewers rate the quality of applicant’s academic preparation, letters of recommendation, assessment experience, therapy experience, research productivity, degree of fit to the residency, and interview impression. These ratings are averaged and used to produce rough rank ordered lists. The final rank ordered list is reached by consensus in the Postdoctoral Subcommittee and residency offers for any open slots are typically made by the 2nd Friday in February.

Start Dates

Residency rotations typically begin in September. It is Nova Southeastern University’s policy that selected applicants must successfully defend their dissertation and complete all other degree requirements before they can begin the program. Residents with extraordinary circumstances may petition for two 30-day extensions. If granted, the start date is delayed and the Resident may be required to extend his/her period of training for 30-60 days (possibly without compensation).  The purpose is to achieve the required number of supervised hours needed to complete the residency. Residents who are unable to begin the residency more than 60 days after their original start date may be terminated from the program. In this unusual circumstance, alternative candidates are contacted and the open position is filled as quickly as possible.


Applicants for open slots can schedule interviews only after their application is complete and approved by the Training Director. While interviews are not required, they are strongly encouraged and usually scheduled the first week in February. Approved applicants wishing to make a personal visit can contact the Training Director to arrange an appointment.

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