M.S. in Developmental Disabilities


Students enrolled in the Masters of Science in Developmental Disabilities are required to complete 18 credit hours of foundational coursework, 9 credit hours in one of the Concentrations, and 3 credit hours of a Developmental Disabilities Master's Research Project. Following is a sample of a degree plan for full-time students. Degree plans will be modified based on a student's enrollment date and pace of study. Additional credits may be required for Applied Behavior Analysis and Child Specialist concentrations.

Foundational Coursework

Concentration (one required)


Adult Services/Transition

Early Childhood

Child Life Specialist

Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis Track Courses (9 Credits)
Elective Practicum – Optional – (6 Credits)

Grants certification at both the bachelors & masters level
Advanced Applied Behavior Analysis Concentration Courses (15 Credits)
Elective Practicum – Optional
– (9 Credits)

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